16 September 2020
SoloAzar Exclusive

Ceuta promoted benefits for companies at SBC Summit Barcelona-Digital

(Barcelona, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Enrique Rodriguez Reyes, Ceuta Tax Services MD, participated at the latest edition of SCB Barcelona-Digital to promote igamingceuta and tax advantages for companies that move their headquarters to the city.

“The Autonomous City of Ceuta is a Spanish city located on the southern bank of the Strait of Gibraltar, 14 km from the Iberian Peninsula. Based on our nature, the purpose of the City of Ceuta is to make the tax advantages we offer internationally known. We cannot forget that we are a Spanish city belonging to the European Union, with the legal certainty that this implies and that without being a tax haven, we have tax benefits for companies that move their headquarters to Ceuta that make us infinitely competitive”, commented Reyes Rodriguez.

How was your participation in the event?

This is the second virtual event we have attended and we continue to be amazed. Our idea was to have attended in person, but given the circumstances that we all know we have not wanted to lose presence in the world of online gambling. For this we have set up a virtual stand called IGAMINGCEUTA that has had countless visits to which now, once the event is over, we are continuing through various meetings.

This year has been very particular. How has it been so far for igamingceuta?

This was the third year in which we tried to have a presence in the sector and our intention was to intensify our work in order to attract online gambling and technology operators to Ceuta.

We started the year at ICE LONDON in February, but as of March, with the pandemic that was sweeping us, we were forced to suspend our presence in Malta, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia and do so virtually.

Virtual events, although they serve to not lose contact and maintain connections, let me say that it is no less true that personal treatment makes you closer and gives you a possibility that the coldness of the virtual world does not offer.

Do you think strong changes are coming in the industry globally?

In this regard, I prefer not to pronounce myself because we are in such a changing moment that any position seems too risky and without sufficient basis.