16 October 2020
SoloAzar Exclusive

Online gaming management, one of the issues treated at the masterclasses de GAT Expo

(Colombia, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Sebastián Perrier, who has more than 10 years of experience in the management of online gaming operations in Latin America, was speaker at "Fundamentals of online gambling one of Totally Gaming Academy classes within GAT Expo.

Perrier gave an introduction to the theoretical and practical course, to develop skills and knowledge about running an efficient online gambling business, and what strategies to employ when facing various challenges.

-Perrier says that the main thing is to understand the fundamental pillars to define a strategy and proceed to the management of an online gambling operation.

The course is intended for executives, middle managers, product managers, managers of VIP players, heads of marketing, customer service, risk, departments, managers and accountants, among other key officials for the operation.

-One of the main topics of the course is the choice of the platform provider:

The criteria for the selection of the platform are defined and tools are provided to be able to use it. “It is a difficult decision because once you choose, it is long term. Another very sensitive point is the database, which has the information of all the operator's game users. It has to be reliable,Perrier emphasizes.

-Choice of game providers: “There are more than 17 thousand games available for online casinos by more than 300 providers around the world. Many are different from the machine providers in a physical casino,  ”he added.

-Payment methods: “Have an agreement with a bank so that people can pay easily, quickly and safely. Depending on the territory they are targeting and online gambling regulations, there may be payment methods that are not available (for example, credit cards). E-wallets, prepaid cards, cash, etc, ”Perrier said.

-Online gaming affiliates: “In Latam it is not as developed as in Europe. You have to know what interests Latin American affiliates ”.

- Business model: "Filter advertising campaigns on our website that reach players of the territory we are targeting, who are of legal age".

-Conversion tunnel:

Channels to promote the website and generate visits: The channels are presented to any company of any field. Traditional media, radio, TV, public roads, etc. “This topic is not covered so much in the course. If we focus more on affiliates, search engine optimization and the website's conversion tunnel from an ad that a user sees in a banner, clicks and goes to the web page. The objective is for the person who registered to make their first deposit. That is the objective of the acquisition team ”.

At the end of the exhibition, Perrier answered some questions from the public

When asked about the courses, Perrier commented: “Last year we did the face-to-face courses, but for now they are virtual and limited in public. We do them through Zoom, and it generates a kind of very interesting interaction, but we will return when we can to the face-to-face courses ”.

Then he answered the following question: How do you change a physical player for an i gaming one? “If the physical casino and the website have the same name and image, there is already a trust generated that makes the conversion easier. Some land-based casinos decided to launch their websites under other brands and it is difficult there. In that case, you have to choose to make a more aggressive welcome promotion for those players”.

GAT Virtual Expo 2020

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