14 January 2021
Nota de Prensa

PGS 2021 dates confirmed

(Lima).- The organizers of Peru Gaming Show announced the dates on which is expected to take place the fair, which has a history of 19 years. On August 25 and 26, the Jockey de Lima Exhibition Center will open its doors to receive all participants from the region's gaming sector

In a statement, the organizers of the fair said: “PERU GAMING SHOW - PGS with a history of 19 years has maintained a close relationship with the players in the world of Gaming, seeking in each space and time to present events of a level such that it achieves satisfy the most demanding participant. The manufacturer and operator, the backbone of the activity, make it possible for other collateral activities to arise and be activated that give life to this beautiful world of gaming and entertainment. Alongside all this dynamic is PGS, an organization committed to presenting the best sample, the best show, which seeks articulation between one and the other that benefits them. During all this time, PGS has become a special showcase that has kept the gaming market current and up-to-date, offering all the news that the industry generates and the presence of all existing brands and lines of business”.

“In all this time, PGS managed to summon an extraordinary number of visitors and position itself as a leading organization in the Latin American region. In 2020, PGS was preparing to present a surprising and spectacular show, unfortunately, an unexpected evil paralyzed the world. Covid 19 appeared and frustrated the plans, before this, with responsibility, seriousness and respect towards our clients and followers, we made very well thought out decisions, for which, first, we seriously analyze the progress of the pandemic and the actions of the governments to control it and, just based on these parameters, reprogram future activities in a very uncertain situation. Aware that the global gaming sector has been hit hard, we are optimistic and we believe that the activity cannot be stopped, that there is a firm will of the players in this sector to collaborate, be in solidarity and start the reopening and reactivation at a firm pace. Furthermore, it is time after a total stoppage, to meet again, to articulate and generate direct networking. For all this, PGS 2021 will be the perfect setting for the reunion, to keep looking forward. Let's generate trust and optimism among manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, developers, authorities and the general public, to make PGS 2021 the great party that the world of Gaming expects. PGS 2021 will be held on August 25 and 26 at the usual place at the Jockey Exhibition Center, Lima - Peru. See you soon, let's take care”.

On the other hand, they clarified that the agreements, terms and conditions signed in PGS 2020 with their clients will be strictly respected, meeting any requirement "as is customary in our organization."