23 February 2021
United Kingdom
SoloAzar Exclusive

Play´n GO participated for the first time at CasinoBeats Slots Festival

(London, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Stuart Trigwell, Head of Sales Western Europe at Play'n GO, granted an interview to SoloAzar after the participation of the Company at the latest CasinoBeats Slots Festival. “It was an exciting experience!”, he said.

How was your experience at CasinoBeats Slots Festival?

It was an exciting experience! This was our first SBC digital event, so it was new territory for us, as I’m sure it was for many others.

We had great fun; it was a great platform to showcase some of our latest content to our friends in the industry. While there’s nothing quite like being face to face with people, I think this event managed to bring things together quite nicely.

We’re definitely looking forward to participating in future digital events, especially over in the US as that’s part of our focus for this year.

What were the expectations, and what was the result?

Obviously, we all miss meeting our audience, and our clients and the opportunity to forge new relationships at events like this, when they are held in person.

We knew that this event wasn’t going to yield the same type of results as a live event, and we weren’t expecting that; we were hoping we could at least showcase all of the good stuff we have been working on.

Content is key, and we really appreciated the opportunity to share what we were doing with you and everyone who attended

What products did the company present?

We presented eight games; 6 brand new creations and two of our games released in 2020.

Firstly, Cat Wilde in the Eclipse of the Sun God; the latest adventure for our newest hero; Thunder Screech, a mythological-themed slot based around the Native American legend of the Thunder Bird; Bull in a China Shop,  a fun, lighthearted title with some really great gameplay, based around the celebration of Chinese New Year; our very first Egyptian themed gridslot Golden Osiris; Lord Merlin & the Lady of the Lake, the latest addition to our popular Arthurian series; Miner Donkey Trouble, just pure and simple entertainment; Gold Volcano, one of our innovative slots form 2020, that took players by storm; and Jolly Roger II, the sequel to our action-packed pirate slot Jolly Roger.

We wanted to give a glimpse of the variety and innovation that we have been and continue to produce, so we felt these titles could go some way to reflecting that.

What do you project for 2021 in terms of fairs and events, as well as new launches?

Of course, everyone is monitoring the current state of affairs across the globe and what that means for live events in the industry and beyond. We’ll be keeping an eye out too, and when it’s safe to return to those environments, we’ll be there.

We’re keeping an especially close watch on the US, as it would be great to attend some of your live events there as we turn our focus to the region this year.

In 2021 quality reigns supreme! Our 2021 roadmap is built on three pillars; we will continue to develop our sagas and game series expanding universes like the Wilde family and Reactoonz.

We will be creating more games collaborating with others; our music slots are already bringing something different, and this year we’ll bring some BIG names into the world of slots. What’s key here is our relationship with the people we base the games around, making sure we create, not only a great game but, something that is authentic to who they are.

Thirdly we will continue to innovate and push the idea of what slots are, and what they can do. You saw the likes of Diamond Vortex and Gold Volcano last year, this year we’ll be giving you even MORE!