30 August 2021

WorldMatch LatAm had a great experience at GAT 2021

(Colombia) .- Estefanía Venegas Mejia, WorldMatch LatAm Regional Manager, shared a statement after her participation in the last edition of GAT EXPO 2021, which marked the return of face-to-face events in Latin America.

WorldMatch as VIP sponsor of the GAT EXPO 2021 event wanted to share an unforgettable experience in the enigmatic City of Cartagena de Indias. On August 18 and 19, the first renewed version of GAT EXPO took place in person and in streaming.


On Wednesday the palenqueras de San Basilio and the Cantadoras de Membrillal together with the Master of autochthonous rhythms, Mr. Etilson Salgado left a seed in the hearts of all the attendees, a lively and joyful feeling that was recorded in a unique and unrepeatable moment worth remembering.

- It was wonderful to announce the launch of our Premium Candy Bar game in Colombia accompanied by this sweet experience with the smell of coconut and the taste of rich exotic fruits from our land. We wanted to do something truly unique and representative of our values that we want to continue spreading and enriching our global society.



The Backing for WorldMatch photographs during the event saw all the representatives, bidders and interested in Online Gaming products pass by and that was very gratifying, they all left a smile and connected with the team that represented WorldMatch in Colombia.

We hope everyone has been happy and just as a dear client remembered his childhood with the sweet cocadas from María Roque and the fruits from Tomasa, keep in mind that entrepreneurship, inclusion and value is all that our humanity needs to continue enriching a world increasingly connected online.


Thank you all for attending and leaving such a beautiful experience in our memory.

Estefanía Venegas Mejia

WorldMatch LatAm Regional Manager

GAT Expo Gaming & Technology

This year, the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center hosted GAT Expo 2021, where platforms, software, cybersecurity, bets and virtual games, e-Sports and affiliates, as well as last generation slots, cabinets and roulettes, had their space. 3A Producciones, an organizer of FADJA for 21 years, refreshes its brand portfolio, incorporating, in addition to gaming, technology as the basis of innovation in the gaming industry in the world.