1 September 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

´EvenBet Gaming has become a benchmark in world online poker and Latin America welcomes us with good business´

(Cartagena, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Manuel Jiménez, Official Representative in South and Latin America of EVENBET GAMING, spoke exclusively with SoloAzar during the latest GAT Expo edition, held in Cartagena de Indias, one of the first in-person events organized this year. "The quality of the visitors was extraordinary," he commented.

What novelties has EvenBet presented this year at GAT Expo 2021?

We have been strategically preparing to serve the Colombian market that is why we are certified to meet Coljuegos' requirements. Its well-thought-out regulation gave us enough confidence to invest in the country and make it the hub of operations for Latin America.

EvenBet is special for being an omnichannel solution with the friendliest user interface on the market, which provides an intuitive user experience that incorporates unique functions so that the poker player is more competitive in the tournaments he participates.

For GAT Expo 2021, we chose to focus on highlighting the competitive advantages of our platform's marketing tools. With them, operators can develop efficient and effective marketing strategies, organize categorized tournaments, segment players, create leaderboards, generate poker clubs; manage affiliate and agent systems, acquisition and retention programs, bonuses, advanced promotions, among other functions.

17 years of experience thinking only about poker is what allows us to have the most competitive online poker platform on the market, which makes us a global benchmark.

This is one of the first in-person events in a long time. How was the meeting with the people of the sector and what are the highlights of the event?

Meeting my friends from the industry, hearing from them, hugging and celebrating the meeting was as exciting as the great business results of our participation in GAT Expo 2021. This left us very pleased.

Definitely, EvenBet Gaming has become a benchmark in world online poker and Latin America welcomes us with good business. It is very satisfying to feel the welcome our proposal has in the region.

The quality of the visitors was extraordinary. Important operators from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and Venezuela visited us and expressed their interest in working with us. Soon we will be making important announcements to the Latin American industry about the closing of business that we carried out during the event.

We are very excited to participate in your next events in Bogotá and Punta Cana.


How have you managed to adapt to the online mode last year?

Virtuality is something that I had already incorporated into my way of working. Commuting in big cities has become very complicated, in fact, being in Bogotá I preferred to schedule a video call for a meeting than wasting time in traffic. I can tell I was prepared.


As a company, what are your goals for the rest of the year?

We are firmly determined to grow our B2B network of operators in Latin America and more and more companies are joining to achieve this goal in the region. With the opening of the United States, we have great plans, in fact, we have been preparing an important change in our platform, this with the purpose of satisfying the needs of the North American player. In Asia, our position is already very strong, with a number of major operators on board and active development of the poker and skill games verticals.


Do you foresee a recovery in the sector in the short or medium term?

For online poker, the pandemic was a huge boost. We have seen how in month 18, the figures show a steady growth in revenue and the number of players around the world.

As a social game with a lot of interaction between players, poker has become a great source of entertainment due to the closure of land-based establishments. This is why at EvenBet Gaming we care about the economy of land-base operators. They have suffered the true ravages that the pandemic has produced.

In our speech at the conference on omnichannel and digital transformation, we launched an initiative in which we propose to terrestrial operators to decide to work with the online operators that make up EvenBet to take advantage of one of our most functional marketing tools, Poker Clubs.

In this way, the online operator can create a specific Poker Club for the players of a certain casino and its network of users.

The initiative was quite popular, as Elizabeth Maya Cano, president of Cornazar, told us, an association that brings together 70% of the localized operators in Colombia and an important online operator.

GAT Expo Gaming & Technology

This year, the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center hosted GAT Expo 2021, where platforms, software, cybersecurity, bets and virtual games, e-Sports and affiliates, as well as last generation slots, cabinets and roulettes, had their space. 3A Producciones, an organizer of FADJA for 21 years, refreshes its brand portfolio, incorporating, in addition to gaming, technology as the basis of innovation in the gaming industry in the world.