3 November 2021
United States
SoloAzar Exclusive

Mercado Gaming consolidated as JCM distributor for Latam, endorsing its brand leadership and product innovation

(Las Vegas, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Juan Pablo Farcuh, managing partner of Mercado Gaming, distributor of JCM, was interviewed by SoloAzar within the recent G2E show. There, he spoke about the latest developments presented in Las Vegas, as well as what it means to return to face-to-face trade shows and meetings, among other topics.

Mercado Gaming has its headquarters in Argentina and the US from where it builds its presence in Latin America through its subsidiaries in Chile and Paraguay. Last year, it managed to project its business from these positions to different regions of the American continent such as Mexico, Bolivia and Peru.

Besides, MG LLC, a firm that is part of the US-based holding company, serves select corporate clients in Mexico and the Caribbean and is in charge of designing the strategic planning of new businesses for the region.

How are you experiencing the fact of being in a face-to-face show after so long?

We celebrate the possibility of reconnecting with our clients and all the actors that are part of this industry. The reality is that, regardless of our perceptions and the absence of face-to-face events in recent times, we have all faced the challenge of replacing interpersonal contact with virtual contact through social networks and the most varied ICT platforms. These tools clearly responded to the contingency, allowing distance training, meetings with clients and the operation of the companies. However, direct human contact is irreplaceable and this edition of the post-pandemic G2E is the complete demonstration of this. We came with great enthusiasm to meet with clients that we could not visit due to the contingency and we exceeded our expectations. Without a doubt, this show strengthened the human bond.

And as for the show in particular?

I am convinced that one thing comes hand in hand with the other. The fair is a meeting point, the "arena" where you meet your customers. A space already eagerly awaited, necessary, in which absolutely all the activity converges. We are very proud to have attended as every year despite the difficulties of the Latin American market that was severely affected by the pandemic. And despite perceiving a significant absence of customers in the region -conditioned by the costs involved in the event- we know how satisfied they are that Mercado Gaming is present at the forefront of the industry. It transmits the security, support and confidence in their operations that we fully commit to the business and, fundamentally, to JCM Global.

What are the main novelties that you are presenting in this edition of G2E?

The presentation of a robot that minimizes cash handling in the treasury, making the collection count more efficient (due to a cash control issue) is undoubtedly the greatest novelty of JCM Global. In 2019 it was not launched due to some technical adjustments and fortunately today it is open to the public. This is the lastest product that JCM Global has as a technological development, apart from other integration solutions for the e-gaming market. There are also new machines from JCM that have to do with money sorters, focused on handling cash in the treasury, which is a critical area that causes a “bottleneck” in terms of banknote counting. New machines were designed integrated with the English company CPS that are classifiers.

In addition, the LED screens, which are passable and in turn can be integrated screen to screen so that the surface in square meters is infinite. Hence, there is no limitation in sqm to build LED screens and the best example is the incorporation in massive events (musical shows, sports, etc.). In fact, at Freemont ST they have a screen that is like a sky. That is part of what is new about JCM Global as well.

As a JCM distributor, what are your plans for the rest of the year and the beginning of 2022?

Mercado Gaming is consolidated as a JCM distributor for Latam, endorsing the leadership of the brand in the industry as well as the constant innovation in its products. We strongly believe in JCM Global and we identify its long-term vision and conservative tone.

After the health contingency we have verified that many actors in the activity bet to sell with exaggerated financing and aggressive pricing policies that have left them out or highly weakened in terms of solvency. That is why we value having been cautious at all times. This, among other things, explains that JCM Global today retains 90% of the market in the US and that its product, technologically speaking, is the most advanced. We want to pass this on to all our clients in Latin America, for which Mercado Gaming projects for 2021 and 2022, a customer loyalty strategy through support, especially after sales, to give you the peace of mind that JCM Global devices they will be in the room at 100% with the highest acceptance rate in the market, understanding that the center of the business is the high validation rate of the slot.

Have you planned to assist to another show this year?
Of course! The idea is to be present in all the events possible, because we understand that brand visualization is ket for both Mercado Gaming and JCM Global. We'll see what happens with SAGSE this year. Perhaps the edition will be postponed for next year, but we will be there with a strong presence, as we did in 2019. Our whole staff will assist, with our team in Chile, Paraguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The technical area will be at the booth, too, because we do not only sell products but we also do post sales support. It is key to realize that the e-gaming market mainly needs that technical support and we take care of our customers putting them at the center of the scene.

Do you plan to participate in any other shows this year?

Of course! The idea is to be present at all possible events, because we understand that the visualization of the brand, both from Mercado Gaming and JCM Global, is decisive. We will see what happens with SAGSE this year. Perhaps, the edition will be postponed for next year but there we will be with a very strong presence, as we did in 2019. We will have the assistance of all our staff, with our team from Chile, Paraguay and Argentina (Buenos Aires) in full, with the technical area at the stand, since we not only sell products but also post-sale support. It is essential to realize that the e-gaming market mainly needs that technical support and we take care of our customers by placing them at the center of the scene.


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