2 December 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

Xplay is participating with its novelties at Peru Gaming Show

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Ramiro Arturo Jiménez Miranda, Technical Support at Xplay.bet, talked to SoloAzar during the first day of Peru Gaming Show 2021. He told us about the activities of the company, the profile of the players and its participation in Latin America, among other issues.

"We are a company that develops virtual games for entertainment, for bookmakers, starting from lotteries to sports games, horse and dog racing. We also have a dice game that is played a lot in Asia. We develop games for this industry of the bookmakers and this virtual world that was opened to us in Latin America and that is now gaining strength here in Peru. It is a Russian company, we here in Lima are the headquarters of Latin America and we work with a group of various nationalities," said Jiménez Miranda.

When asked about how he sees the event, he tells us that it is the third time that the company participates in PGS. "Honestly, it is not the same as before. It feels, it can be seen, but it is still positive because again it is emerging after all this time of confinement. Again trying to reopen our business and meeting people, although we do not know well when the pandemic will end".

Regarding the player's profile, he adds the following: "The perspective that we hear a lot from Russians is that Latin America is a very traditional place, which does not change things so quickly. I understand that there may be some countries faster than others in accepting. changes, but the mentality of the common gamer has been influenced. We experienced it because we already had a web project with a recharge system over the phone, where users began to play online. And during this time our clientele increased web due to the pandemic. There are still many people who prefer to be sitting, watching their game with a coffee".

Finally, he adds: "Our strong market is Colombia in South America, and in Peru we work with networks and partner with online or live game distributors and thus we are growing and shaking hands with each other."

Peru Gaming Show 2021 - PGS

PGS takes place in Lima during two days with conferences, networking and exhibition of products and services in which the most important operators and suppliers of the Latin American gaming sector are present.