10 December 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

´The debut of companies and brands that arrived to PGS to exhibit its new products has been remarkable´

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Ruben Solorzano, Director and General Manager of Affiliated Marketing Group, organizers of Peru Gaming Show, talked to SoloAzar about the recent show held in Lima, the feedback from assistants and the current situation of the sector in Peru, among other issues.

What challenges have you faced for organizing PGS 2021?
The first challenge that not only we faced, but the world in general, was the uncertainty caused by the covid, aggravated by the appearance of the know omicron. Then, he will establish strict protocols thinking about the protection of visitors and visitors to the fair, which led us to think that the call would be limited.

What have been the novelties that were presented and highlights of this edition?
The remarkable thing has been the participation of companies and brands that for the first time came to PGS to exhibit and offer innovative products, such as Wargostec, El Dorador, Game Art, RGT, Universal Soft, Sport Bet, EvenBet. The institutional participation of organizations such as Mincetur, Peruvian Association of Online and Related Sports Betting - Apadela and Sociedad Nacional de Juegos e Azar - Sonaja, is a message of support for the industry and the gaming sector as a whole, which is very important.

What comments have you received from attendees and exhibitors at the event?
In such a difficult situation for the pandemic, having achieved the participation of more than 30 companies or brands as exhibitors and almost 2,400 visitors in the two days of the fair was truly extraordinary. At the end of it, he receives the congratulations of exhibitors and visitors for the call and the way in which the sample was structurally designed full of satisfaction.

How do you see the current situation of the gambling sector in Peru, taking into account the imminent online gambling legislation?
After having overcome the paralysis of the sector, the longest compared to the other sectors, a reactivation process has begun under the new normal with protocols that allow capacity of 50%. In this context, according to the regulations carried out, a greater participation of players in rooms and betting places, businesses will be favored with the results. As the Peruvian market is one of the most solid and formal in the region in face-to-face games, the approval of the law for online games will be a significant contribution to the activity, both for the generation of jobs, the entry of more investors and contributions to the State. for the payment of taxes.

In your opinion, what are the future prospects, both for the gaming market and for the organization of events in Latin America?
To the extent that the covid is controlled and we achieve the desired normality, the gaming sector will definitely regain its usual verve, while that does not happen, it is time to adapt to the circumstances. In relation to events such as PGS, it goes hand in hand with what the industry and the sector want, and the feeling is, not stopping, an approval is what we have seen and experienced in PGS 2021. For now, AMG SAC company organizer of the PERU GAMING SHOW - PGS fair, already working for the 19th edition in June 2022.