14 December 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Our latest products are very innovative in the ETG industry´- Interblock

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive).- José Salinas, Latam Sales Executive, Interblock, was interviewed by SoloAzar withing the recent Peru Gaming Show. There, Salinas shared his thoughts and impressions about the event, the current situation of the sector and the activity of the firm, among other issues.

How have you seen PGS 2021?
Very well, but it was a smaller fair as a result of the current situation that we have been going through. Above all, I notice a mostly local audience. But it is very positive that it has been done since they were two very tough years, without fairs and without reunions. The idea of ​​making something smaller and more compressed seems to me to be a good idea, and here we are, accompanying, doing our part.

Interblock this year decided to present at the PGS with a brand image through a banner and a video, and a reduced stand to be able to receive customers only, since we did not have new machines to exhibit at this time.

What are the changes that you could observe in the last two years?
In recent times, very few companies have developed new products, therefore there are not many novelties in this regard. The casinos are slowly trying to get back to normal. There is also the problem of capacity and hours, which logically hits us. The capacity is at 50% and in some provinces they have dropped to 40%. On the other hand, people are also coming back little by little, and also from what I spoke to some clients, people's purchasing power is lower, but they continue to visit casinos and slots and little by little they are recovering.

How is the schedule of events for next year?
At G2E Las Vegas we have already been, with a very nice stand, prominent and completely closed to the general public, with the exception of the meetings already scheduled previously. We are always present at ICE London and in 2022 we will also be showcasing all of our latest products, which are super innovative in the ETG industry. In addition, we have gained a lot of strength in recent times. I think that in the US it is clear and is beginning to move little by little to South America. For example, in Chile and Argentina, we have already installed several projects and they are working very well.

Many casinos worldwide have reduced many live tables, for reasons of distance, in addition to the cost that each one represents. That is where Interblock became very strong, setting up ETG or electronic casino zones in each of the rooms, offering all the casino games that live tables have such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps, also achieving that the public, Unlike live tables, you have the ability to play these types of games 24-7, as well as attract a younger audience and even new starters of players in these types of games.

Peru Gaming Show 2021 - PGS

PGS takes place in Lima during two days with conferences, networking and exhibition of products and services in which the most important operators and suppliers of the Latin American gaming sector are present.