10 January 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´We are aiming to have a great World Cup this year´- Santiago Mizraji, Sportradar

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Santiago Mizraji, Sales Director South America at Sportradar, granted an interview to SoloAzar in which he commented about the firm’s participation at latest PGS show. He also made an evaluation about the performance of the company in 2021 and anticipated plans for the new year.

How have you experienced the show and what novelties has the firm presented at PGS 2021?

The show was very well organized and a great opportunity to meet again face to face with people in the Peruvian Gaming Industry. We participated with most of our Latam team presenting new content with emphasis in our Risk Management Services that we are developing with success in Latam. Our Ads services are generating also a lot of interest among the operators. It allows them to run digital dynamic betting campaigns with our AI solution.

Which have been the main changes in the profile of the Latin American customer in the last two years?

Perú was a market focused mainly on retail. With the pandemic, the online vertical has grown and we see an increase in the demand of content and solutions for online players. We are very well prepared for this, offering new versions of our betting entertainment tools, an increase in our streaming portfolio, virtual games, marketing ads, new official data agreements and coverage of eLeagues that fit very well in the online strategy.

What type of interest in the solutions of the company have you seen in Peru and in Latin America in general?

As mentioned before, products for the online offer are being requested, marketing tools, as well as our risk management services. We are very happy about the huge demand we have from operators in the region inquiring about our services. With this event and the possibilities to travel we are developing very interesting new business thinking in 2022.

What perspectives do you have for the online gaming market in Peru, considering the inmiment online gaming legislation?

We would need to know more details about the regulation to give a clear perspective. But we can say that Peru is a very attractive market for sports betting with a lot still to be developed in the next years. World Cup 2022 will give the market an extra push to continue growing.

How do you evaluate the performance of the company in 2021?

We had a great 2021 performance, which was especially gratifying considering we were coming out of a shut down from a global pandemic. In 2020 we managed to have good results that continue to be strong this year. Copa America and local cups showed excellent participation and the global markets for sports betting continues to grow, including in our region.

Which are the following steps of the company facing 2022?

We will continue to help our league, media and betting operator partners unlock even more value from the data we provide to give sports fans the most engaging experience possible. We have a huge focus in LATAM, specially in markets such as Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Soccer is number one sport in the region so we are also aiming to have a great World Cup and the last games of the qualifications will be very interesting.

Peru Gaming Show 2021 - PGS

PGS takes place in Lima during two days with conferences, networking and exhibition of products and services in which the most important operators and suppliers of the Latin American gaming sector are present.