11 January 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´In 2021 we have developed more than 30 games for the global market´

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Estefanía Venegas Mejía, Regional Manager for WorldMatch in Latin America, granted an interview to SoloAzar, in which she talked about the recent participation of the firm at Peru Gaming Show. She also commented the launches made by the firm during 2021, and anticipated plans and expectations of the company for 2022.

How have you experienced PGS and, in your opinion, which have been the highlights of the show?
It seems to me that the event has been renewed, in the sense that new brands have participated seeking to collaborate with each other; operators, agents, professionals working in the region and other interested parties proposing opportunities to develop or continue their activity in Latin America, that is, the interest of companies and visionary eyes interested in expanding their activity and increasing their capital is perceived. I see a lot of initiative on the part of the operators and the entire union in the face of the ideal of regulation, however they already operate in an organized manner, guaranteeing good practices and responsibility of the game within their joint operations in Peru. You see a small number of people and companies participating but I believe PGS continues to be a space and an opportunity to promote activity in neighboring countries without regulation and commercial operations around online gambling activity.

As for the interventions that were made in the conferences, I liked the one by Carlos Fonseca. I liked the way in which he synthesized the step-by-step operators that they must follow in order to establish themselves, and consolidate themselves in an operation with projection to the Peruvian market, encouraging the consideration of a broader operation for other countries in the region. There I see an opportunity, but obviously we are subject to the corporate and financial evolution of current companies, their expectations and interest in joining a competitive infrastructure in numerous markets.

Definitely I conclude that it is not possible to focus on transforming the player from the terrestrial market to an online market, if it works, fine; since it is important to evolve and know how to implement technologies and information management systems, concentrating on the tacit need for interconnection and the transmutation of the terrestrial casino. It is important to target the youth and adult market between the ages of 19 and 60 who have already embraced ICT and have absolute confidence in its practicality.

What expectations does WorldMatch have regarding the imminent regulation of online gambling in Peru?
In this case, we are always very interested in accessing a direct relationship with committed operators who want to develop a product and consolidate in this and other markets in Latin America. For WorldMatch, beyond having our product active in many sites, we are interested in creating links with visionary companies and in the ability to guarantee work on the development of a relatively new product for a very broad market, since there is not even a preponderant segmentation . Our expectation is to generate these collaborative relationships that preserve similarity with our work plan in the region, that allow us to identify the viable route that they intend to follow in the online casino operation in several Latin American countries, of course, guaranteeing joint and constant work it takes to achieve the common goal of branding as we have done for 20 years.

We believe that it is very important within the online operation to become familiar with online casino products and operations whose productivity and true development represent the best investment and a great evolution in this industry, experimentation is required and knowing how to delve with visionary thinking, it is not possible pretending that the product and arrangement of online casino games is everything. It mainly demands work, vision and purpose; Operators need to be oriented, but they also have to work hard on the evaluation and its criteria to shape their gaming offering considering the long-term potential relationship. There is a very wide range of products and services that are only immediate solutions that in the end cost them to manage or limit their development and scalability.

WorldMatch has excellent flagship casino games around the world, we have an excellent platform for the management of online casino and other products that are operated in the betting universe, we are experts in content development guaranteeing uniqueness, quality and research in each new game that we create, this allows us to affirm and compromise the support that we can offer to our clients. We have an optimal instrument for managing the implementation of marketing strategies that allows us to develop various casino promotions in a broad and hybrid way throughout the dealership operation.

What are the main steps with which WorldMatch faces the new year?
We want to continue innovating, as we have done so far. Being a producer of classic slot games highly demanded in the global market, we want to continue at the forefront and we are exploring the technical and infrastructure capacity we have to develop new types of games more in line with the demands of new markets with other interests in entertainment, more dynamic games, in which they can use skill, and that work not only in a systemic way but in a way in which they can interact in the play area. On this occasion we share the launch of our new external integration platform for terrestrial game producers to bring their games to the online market. This platform works as an aggregator block that connects and distributes in the SlotBar® market, our brand that designates all those slots that we have developed for the online market, and that belong to terrestrial producers.

We have started a very extensive collaboration with AWP and VLT game developers, and they will be available to roll out new game content for all of our customers. This development also seeks inclusion and opportunity for Latin American producers. We already have a list of integrated partners and others in the process of integration, many other game developers have already shown great interest in joining in the development of this collaboration and its benefits, without any added intervention fee for the operators and only exploiting the existing integrations with our clients' platforms. We will be available to arrange any content developed by other gaming providers and distribute it in all regulated markets where we are currently working.

All games will be released simultaneously for mobile and for computers. WorldMatch is recognized as a powerful accelerator for all providers interested in entering regulated markets, offering significant added value for all operators that are connected through direct integrations. EGS (External Gaming Service) is a very important step that represents a business channel in which WorldMatch has been evolving and has been developing with the addition of this external platform to reach other important markets that interest us. It is a tool that will allow us to continue adding new high-level content.

Regarding new games, we have a launch schedule for 2022 and our global promotion schedule for the year. We were not significantly affected by the pandemic, since in fact, global gambling increased. However, if we talk about Latin America, it is another story, with many points to evaluate that push us to verify and rethink very specific strategies for this unique case. There is a lot to develop and direct. We would love to implement everything that we develop in the Latin American territory, however we depend a lot on the collective state and the management systems in place for an experienced and fluid operation. We have launched the entire range of games for this year, which are available for the .com and we have certified several games for Colombia. We have developed 31 games for the global market and have regulated approximately 70% of those games for the Colombian market. We plan to continue spreading our work in LatAm and the world, participate in events in 2022, support and demonstrate the support that WorldMatch can offer to operators who know and value our products.

Peru Gaming Show 2021 - PGS

PGS takes place in Lima during two days with conferences, networking and exhibition of products and services in which the most important operators and suppliers of the Latin American gaming sector are present.