14 April 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

Alberici presented its novelties at recent ENADA show

(Rimini, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Raul Pellella, Head of Marketing at Alberici, spoke with SoloAzar about the company's participation in the recent ENADA fair, where it presented its products and talked about the firm's novelties for this year 2022."We have opened a commercial office in the USA," he said.

What novelties have you presented this year at ENADA?
A new machine that we are presenting this year is called APEX, and we have it in two versions. The coin changer is the machine that goes more for foreign markets and the other is for the Italian market. The difference, let's say that one can give you tokens, coins, and can also give you bills, and the other does not give you bills, it only gives you coins.

We are also presenting a whole line of Alberici joysticks. The company was born with the Albatros, which was a joystick that was connected to the Commodore 64 in 1980. That's where it all started, it was the heart of the company and now we have just come out with this new Joystick line that follows the line of the Albatross, and then we have a huge number of luminous buttons that have different applications, because they can be put in the machine to play, in ATMs, in car washes, for example. We have products that can be used crosswise in different markets.

How did you see the show?
Compared to the previous two years, we see three pavilions that are practically full, we had many visitors and we were very busy, and that sends a very important signal to the sector and the market because we are starting to work again. The only "problem" is the lack of some electronic components that have to come from China and that are essential for the entire sector, but we continue because we have many orders and sometimes we don't know if the microprocessors will arrive, but little by little we are starting as before the pandemic.

How do you see the situation of the Italian market for your products?
There is always room for products, because we also realize that there is a whole discourse on customization and the possibility given to the customer to be able to control the machines directly from the phone or from home without having to be there is very important. , see how the machine works, how much money you have. Technology is taking this path along with the customization of machines. Let's say that the Italian market continues and we also try to gain competition abroad, especially because of the "Made in Italy" discourse, which in ALberici is very important because everything you see inside the machines, all the components, It's all made in Alberici.

Finally, We have just opened a commercial office in the US, in Chicago, which is going to deal with the entire US and Canadian market, and the company continues to invest in the commercial part. We have many clients and we decided to invest directly in those markets.

ENADA PRIMAVERA - International Amusement & Gaming Show

Organized by IEG Italian Exhibition Group and promoted by SAPAR, Italian Association of coin-op entertainment machines, ENADA PRIMAVERA involves the whole chain of the game, and features a showcase of everything new in this sector. It's the most important expo for southern European trade members.