3 May 2022
United Kingdom
SoloAzar Exclusive

´At ICE, we are very proud to have launched our cryptocurrency exchange BrightSwap.com´: Hillary FLores, Cockpit Gaming

(London, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Hillary Flores, Marketing Manager at Cockpit Gaming, granted an interview to SoloAzar about the experience of the company at recent ICE show, where the firm has lauched its cryptocurreny exchange BrightSwap.com. She talked about the feedback from customers and visitors at ICE, as well as about the future actions of the company.

What novelties and solutions has the firm showcased at ICE?

At ICE, we are very proud to have launched our cryptocurrency exchange BrightSwap.com which is a complete solution for the gaming industry operators and their players.  The novelty we created with BrightSwap.com is that we've taken the infrastructure of a cryptocurrency exchange and will back-end the office of a gaming platform operator, allowing them to accept dozens of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies as well.  In addition to this cutting edge concept is the inherent ability to settle wagers instantly, with funds being credited to the players wallet immediately upon winning.  This is solving the age-old frustration of the bettor having to request a payout and waiting days to have their funds credited.  With this novelty, the operator can now focus their time on value-adding activities while having all of the transparency and automation that a cryptocurrency exchange affords.

We also added the facility of creating a stable coin for the operator that is wrapped in the Solana blockchain, allowing the operator to achieve massive transaction throughput while also being able to generate revenue from transaction fees as well. Lastly and most interestingly, the operator can also launch an NFT builder and marketplace for their bettors, and the operator will receive generous royalties from the future sales of all NFTs on the system.  Given the sixteen years of industry experience our founders have, we are thrilled to have launched this bleeding edge service at ICE.

Which has been the feedback from customers, potential clients and visitors to your booth?

The feedback from customers, potential clients and visitors at the Bright Swap booth at the London ICE show was a resounding affirmation of the three plus years it took to develop this future-proof solution for the gaming industry.  Cryptocurrency payment processors, banking partners and gaming platform operators alike all confirmed that the solution we brought to the table was going to improve upon the industry as a whole.  We also learned that our solution applied to a greater breadth of customers than we initially anticipated, as our exchange would serve as a complement to existing operations and allow for partners and customers alike to access a wide range of cryptocurrencies and payment solutions all built into one.  Upon meeting all of these potential stakeholders, and explaining why we created this solution in the first place, it was gratifying to say the least that our hard work and perseverance was not misplaced.

How do you see the current situation of the sector in the UK?

We at BrightSwap.com tend to see opportunity at every turn, in every situation, and in every problem.  Sure, the UK, like most economic regions, presents its own set of challenges, yet the industry as a whole continues to grow by leaps and bounds given the growth of payment, software, and hardware improvements almost every six months. So, when you factor in the good with the bad, like changing economies, disruptive technologies, and altering legal landscapes, the best we can do is prepare for the worst and plan for the absolute best. That is how we at BrightSwap.com view the current sector in the UK, as a launchpad for further disruption and commonplace for achieving industry consensus and insight.

What are the main actions and strategies of the firm for the British market?

The main actions and strategies of BrightSwap.com for the British market include keeping a pulse on the way the industry is trending, strengthening our allegiances with our local partnerships, and paving a way for future innovations to continue to add value to the British market, which is one of the most important markets that we aim to serve.  Given the talent of our visionary CEO  and team, the solidarity of our investors, and the foresight of our legal and banking teams here in the British market, we plan to continue trail-blazing a path that we are confident will see our industry partners growing along the way.

Which plans does the firm have for other European markets and globally for the current year?

We at BrightSwap.com have concrete plans for other European markets and the global landscape at large to continue with the onboarding of new clients, the campaigning of awareness in other gaming exhibitions, and the championing of our 360 degree solution to the industry as a whole.  Given the massive success we experienced at ICE London, we feel empowered to continue along the course we have charted, and with new talent, partners, and clients joining the Bright Swap family almost daily, we are thrilled to continue with realizing our vision and bringing more gaming operators out of legacy solutions and into the future of crypto payments.

ICE London

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