2 June 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´SOFTSWISS has a long-term business and work plan in Latin America´”: Jonathan Felix Vilchez, SOFTSWISS

(Santiago de Chile, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Jonathan Felix Vilches, Regional Manager of Business Development in Latin America for SOFTSWISS, granted an interview to SoloAzar within the recent CGS Latam 2022 event, which took place in Chile. There, the company presented its extensive collection of solutions for the gaming sector.

What novelties have you presented in this edition of CGS?

This is the first official event in which we have participated according to business plan we have for Latin America and we have presented the entire portfolio of solutions that we believe are interesting and very valid to empower virtual solutions and new projects.

What are the highlights of this edition?

In the first place, it is very well organized, we confirm that the activity is 100% reactivated. Attendance to a face-to-face event was necessary. Direct contact with friends, with colleagues, with potential clients is very important, and the cycle of conferences must also be highlighted. We gave a conference on Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and everything related to the gaming sector, so we found the event very interesting, and we are also going to participate in other sector events in the region. In June, for example, we´ll assist to Peru Gaming Show and also to São Paulo, Brazil.

What is the position of the company in the Chilean market and what are the objectives in this country?

We are interested in the entire Latin American region, especially Brazil, however, we have come here to Chile to present our portfolio of solutions to current operators, to new operators that are about to enter, given the fact that the whole issue of regulation is currently being discussed here in Chile. It is a very important and valuable aspect to be present here and show all the solutions we have.

How do you think that the games of chance regulation will influence the company and the sector in general?

It is very important that Latin America enters the regulation process of all markets, or at least the main ones. That is something that we are seeing with great optimism because it is a point that is now on the agenda of governments. The issue of regulation is being discussed in many countries in terms of updating the old laws that are still in force. Brazil is an example, Argentina is another, starting with Colombia, which is the one that started the whole process, and Mexico and Peru, which are in the midst of discussing regulation. So it is a positive aspect, because having regulated markets is something that contributes to growth of the sector, the maturation of the markets and it attracts new investors and operators and suppliers like us, who come to add value to the Latin American market with innovative solutions, and new launches that we will announce soon.

What are the company's prospects for the rest of the year?

SOFTSWISS has a long-term business and work plan in Latin America, and we are very interested in providing the entire portfolio of solutions that we believe are interesting for the entire region, regardless of each market, according to its own characteristics, but also based on the topic of research and development, because Latin America needs a personalized approach for the gaming industry. A lot of work has to be done in thatdirection, to be very present in the market, to know the profile of the players and to know the requirements in each of these markets and operators. Adjusting all that is part of the challenge that Softswiss has as a technology-based company, because we use Artificial Intelligence and other types of aspects that are always based on technological development. That's what we're focused on now; that is our interest, in order to develop the gaming industry to its maximum potential in  Latin America.

Finally, I want to greet all the SoloAzar audience in the region and I want to invite you to visit our website, www.softswiss.com. You can also meet us at the next events, at the Peru Gaming Show on June 15 and 16, and in Brazil on June 28 and 29. We are waiting for you!


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