3 June 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´I see a lot of potential in the Chilean market:´ Gustavo Sánchez Castillo, Jazz Gaming

(Santiago de Chile, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Gustavo Sánchez Castillo, CEO of Jazz Gaming Solutions, spoke with SoloAzar during the recent CGS Latam 2022. There, he spoke about the firm's participation, the expectations and potential of the Chilean market as well as the company's plans for the near future.

How have you seen the edition of CGS in Chile? What has the firm presented and how was your participation in the panels?

Well, the truth is that I did not come with high expectations because it was the first time, but it is always good to support a great initiative, however, I have had to speak with people, which is my objective as a b2b business, and I have been surprised, because they have Several land-based casino operators who want to get into the online world have come.

How do you see the Chilean market regarding Jazz Gaming products?

Well, I see a lot of potential in Chile, because as I said in the talk, it is a country that is digitized, it is a country that is not afraid of technology, that is not afraid of learning, and of course, of the online business, like all those that are already there, and I see it with a lot of potential.

Do you think that the regulation of online gambling can change favorably for your company?

Indeed regulation is a vital part. However, they have to do it very well, because if it is regulated and they put too many obstacles, they will rather encourage people to go gray. And there are going to be people paying more, doing things well, but other people who are going to take advantage of them.

What is the future of Jazz Gaming for the remainder of the year?

Well, we are growing a lot in Latin America: In Venezuela, in Mexico, the DominicanRepublic, and in South America we are also growing a lot. We now have confirmed participation in Peru, in Punta Cana, we will also be in Mexico and at SBC Miami in November, and in October in Las Vegas.

Lastly, just add that, when people are thinking of a platform, they think of a partner, of someone who is going to accompany them, the most important thing is the partner, because the product can be improved. Every day there are more developments, more updates, but if you choose the right partner, it is the one that will accompany you and they will build a good long-term relationship.


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