10 June 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Today we are in an expansion process and we want to associate to very large brands´: Harley Reyes, Universal Soft

(Santiago de Chile, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Harley Reyes, Head of Marketing, Universal Soft, granted an interview to SoloAzar within its participation in CGS Latam, where the company presented two products. Among other topics, Reyes highlighted the determination and strength of Chileans to commit to long-term projects.

How do you evaluate your performance at CGS and what has the firm presented?

This time we have come to Chile with two products, with Universal Soft, which is a platform developer and provider. The system is made by ourselves, we offer horse racing, greyhounds, dogs, etc. This platform also has a risk control, where if a user creates several users to be on the web, our risk control automatically blocks all those IPs. Customers are looking for that:  security and a platform where they can be safe.

We are also with Coliseo Sports, which is an associated platform where we offer live football and the classic bets that take place online, and the new bingo product that we have launched this month; we are expanding it in Peru now and we are doing very well, it is adressed for the retail sector, for stores, warehouses, and we want to expand it. We believe that in Colombia it would go very well, too.

What feedback have you received from visitors at the booth?

Well, the product works, it's useful, and I think that what has most caught the attention of visitors is, on the one hand, the risk control, and on the other hand, that the systems allow the person to set a payment limit, for example, you say, in horses the most I can pay is a thousand dollars. I think those are our two strengths.

How do you see the Chilean market regarding the products that you sell?

Something that has surprised me a lot about Chile is that they are very confident in the decisions they make. They are not so emotional but more pragmatic and logical, so I think this helps us a lot to make strong ties. We are not served by those clients or partners who come in for a month, do not do well and say: "It's not here, I'm leaving." I think that's what I really liked about the people in Chile, besides the fact that everyone is friendly, it's how determined and solid they are when it comes to committing to a long-term job.

How do you see the future of Universal Soft for the remainder of this year?

Today we are in an expansion process. We want to associate ourselves with very big brands. Our system as such is going well but we always want to go to the next level. Particularly I am Head of Marketing, and I am now looking for associations and agreements with big brands.

What is the next event you plan to participate in?

We are going to be present in Peru. Something that I like about the Peruvian market is that people are very curious, so there are always a lot of people in these types of events. Perhaps the downside is that people are not so directly determined to associate, but there is also the motto that says that all publicity is good, so the more people, the better.

How do you evaluate your participation in CGS Chile?

It is very positive. To be the first time, I think that brand presence is always very important, beyond saying “we invest in this to recover what we invested with 10 clients”, well, I don't see it as necessary. I believe that there are certain events in which we deserve more brand presence beyond economics.


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