9 June 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´We hope the regulation of online gambling in Chile will be carried out soon´

(Santiago de Chile, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Georges Didier, GLI Representative of Government Relations and business development for Latin America, spoke with SoloAzar during the recent CGS Latam 2022 event, where he spoke about the activities of GLI, the highlights of the edition and the possible regulation of online gaming in Chile, among other topics.

What novelties have been presented at CGS?

GLI is present in all the events, exhibitions, and conferences that take place in the region; it is an essential part of our work as a support for regulators, operators, and manufacturers of the gaming industry, so this time it should not be different. During the event we were pleased to meet friends from the gaming industry that we had not seen since the start of the pandemic, so we took the opportunity to learn about their plans, introduce them and talk about the regulatory advances in the region and see how we can support them to achieve their goals.

How have you seen the show? What were the highlights of this new edition?

The event was well-received by representatives of international companies, which demonstrates the success of the event. It is pleasing to see how the industry grows in the region and to see the interest it arouses in operators and manufacturers from different parts of the world. A large number of people agrees to the fact that Chile is a jurisdiction that has a lot of growth potential, and even more so now that the bill that would regulate online betting was presented a few months ago. The conferences covered crucial and transcendental issues for the current situation of the industry in Chile and the region. Although the event was focused on online gaming and sports betting, the participation of local physical casino operators and lotteries indicates that they are also working to learn more about this modality and that in the future, we will see the convergence of the different operators in the online games.

Chile is one of the most important markets in Latin America. How is your position in this market and what are your goals in Chile?

Indeed, Chile has been characterized as a jurisdiction with a fairly solid regulation in terms of land-based gaming, and our participation has been quite active from the beginning. As an accredited laboratory, the work we carry out is decisive since we certify compliance with the different games, systems, and gaming media that can be operated in casinos. Chile always maintains its technical requirements current and keeps them updated to keep up with the advances in technology in the game. We trust that when online gambling and online betting activity is regulated here, the regulatory body will establish requirements in accordance with good industry practices, which will allow the entry of manufacturers that are already working in other regulated markets in the world.

A project to regulate online gambling in Chile continues to advance. How do you think the law would influence the activity of your company and the sector?

We hope the regulation of online gambling in Chile will be carried out soon and join the other jurisdictions that already have the activity duly regulated and with operations that represent income for the State and also offer protection to the player. As I mentioned before, we trust that the next step, which would be the regulation of the game and the establishment of technical requirements for the game platforms and game content, maintain the same line of following good practices of the industry, and thus more manufacturers and operators that currently operate in regulated markets, can enter this market and make it increasingly attractive. Although we are currently facing a bill, the content of which can be modified, we see a project that is quite well structured and complete.

As a laboratory, we are always attentive to working with all the players in the industry, and even more so when it comes to a market in the process of regulation and as important as Chile. The manufacturers that work with us have the advantage of having the ability to transfer the certifications they have carried out with us to other jurisdictions, and to be able to transfer them to the Chilean jurisdiction when the final technical requirements are already defined. Regulators already know the services we offer, and they also know that the GLI standards, which we have developed for the different gaming activities, can be taken as a basis and reference when drafting their technical regulations; This is because they are public standards and also include good industry practices and controls commonly used by other gaming regulators worldwide. The GLI 19 (Interactive Gaming Systems) and GLI 33 (Event Betting Systems) standards are available on our website, or you can request them from the GLI team you are in contact with.


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