20 June 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Playtech continues to grow and expand its services with a unique dedication to Latin America´: Ilana Klein, Playtech

(Santiago de Chile).- In dialogue with SoloAzar, Ilana Klein, M&A Director LATAM, Playtech, shared the news of the company, its recent participation in CGS LATAM and gave her vision about the future online gaming law in Chile, of which she commented: "We hope that a formula will be obtained that allows healthy operations, local investment and growth."

What novelties has the company presented at CGS?

Playtech wanted to attend CGS with the intention of witnessing the birth and development of Chile with prospects for regulation and regularization of online gaming. Our presence in the market requires our attention to such an attractive and close market and therefore it was of great value to witness the event and express our interest and full support for the process and the regularization of the area.

Playtech has a recognized presence in the territory, being the platform and strategic ally of Caliente in Mexico and wplay in Colombia. The first license in Argentina was recently granted under the regulation of the Province of Buenos Aires, where we will also be present, and this demonstrates our confidence in the market and our interest in investing and creating local growth options. Chile will be an important market for Playtech, that is what we hope and believe.

How have they seen the show? What have been the highlights of this new edition?

Excellent, the personal meeting with the operators in search of options and pre-regulation responses is strategic and critical both for future operators who must already arm themselves with knowledge and tools, and for international providers and allies such as Playtech to begin the study of the local market. and lay the groundwork for future local businesses.

Chile is one of the most important markets in Latin America. How is the firm positioned in this market and what objectives do you have in the country?

We agree with this vision, Chile presents a market with a stable economy. A culture of entertainment and service that are ideal for generating a high-level European offer. Our eyes are open to the regulatory framework adapting to existing successful models in other regions with similar characteristics, open to supporting and contributing to the process and with expectations of witnessing the rise and development of the market hand in hand with local operators.

What prospects does your company have for the rest of this year?

Playtech continues to grow and expand its services with a unique dedication to Latin America, hopefully it will be a year of new strategic alliances and growth.

A project to regulate online gambling in Chile continues to advance. How do you think the law influences the activity of your company and the sector?

The law is critical, we hope. As we said, it is coupled to what other highly regularized markets have carried out, as best practices and that based on similar market examples, a formula is obtained that allows growth, healthy operations and local investment.


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