27 June 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´CT Interactive showcased a wide range of games, products and innovative solutions at PGS´: Diego Verano, CT Interactive

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Diego Verano, Head of Business, Development LatAm, CT Interactive, granted an interview to SoloAzar in which he talked about the participation of the firm at recent Peru Gaming Show.

What has the firm presented at recent PGS?

CT Interactive showcased a diverse and ever-growing portfolio of games, innovative products and solutions. Introducing our 200+ games and Jackpots, like the Hot Luck Jackpot. Hot Luck is a 3 level Interactive Jackpot with a bonus screen and additional wins, which comes with the Hot Luck ladder.

It is a tool that allows operators to provide an enhanced experience to their players, with the possibility of randomly unlocking more prizes. We also offer the Free Spins tool and more.

We discuss new trends and practices and meet with our partners and new clients to present our long-term regional plans.

How have you seen the show? Which have been the highlights?

I am impressed by the size and scope of the show. There is no doubt that Peru Gaming Show is established as the most important fair in the region. It was a top-notch event that provided a first-class experience to all attendees. All the market leaders were present, the organization and environment were excellent, and my team and I were perfectly able to present our products and services to a large audience. It was rewarding and met all our expectations and needs.

Peru is one of the main markets in Latam. What is the position of the company in this market and which are your goals for the rest of the year?

Peru has become a hub of the gaming industry in Latin America. CT Interactive and CT Gaming, the company where CT Interactive's roots lie, saw the potential of the market a long time ago. Our business development strategies go beyond this year, which is marked by the expansion of our office here. Our goal is to continue to gain market share and constantly entertain Peruvian customers by introducing new games and services.

There is a project to regulate online gaming in Peru. How do you think it will affect on the activity of the company and the sector in general

At CT Interactive we faithfully believe that it is better to work in a regulated market and we believe that with well-analyzed bills, the online gaming industry can be developed in a better way. We also believe that it is important to have an open dialogue with the State, since we are in a very technical and specific field.

Peru Gaming Show 2022 - PGS

Peru Gaming Show 2022 takes place in Jockey Exhibition Center in Lima. For two days, it holds conferences, networking, novelties, trends and the exhibition of products and services, with the presence of the most important operators and suppliers of the Latin American gaming sector.