28 June 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Our exclusive roulette Gold Club 25 Aniversario has generated an incredible impact´: Oscar Giralt, Win Systems

(Peru, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Oscar Giralt, Win Systems Corporate Marketing Manager, granted an interview to SoloAzar in which he commented about the recent participation of the firm in Peru, its products, its goals for the rest of the year and the highlights of the show, among other issues.

What has the participation of the company consisted of?

This year we have continued to make a very firm commitment to the Peruvian market. Proof of this is that we have also extended the sale of our 25th Anniversary Gold Club roulette to Peru, which is added to the current range of Gold Club roulettes, which have such good results. are having here too. The Gold Club 25th Anniversary is a limited edition wheel with an exclusive design, some changes and improvements to the software and the playing cloth, and will only be sold for a limited time. The vast majority of major operators have already placed their orders, we are very happy with the incredible reception it has had. Likewise, of course, the presence of WIGOS could not be missing as the leading management system in Latin America, presenting our latest development: the WinUp wallet, which allows not only to use it as a payment method to play the casino's gaming machines, but also that also allows operators to offer all the services that the room has for the player through the app that they will always carry with them. And our gaming machines could not be missing either, with a library of proven success in this market, as well as some novelties that are aiming very high.

How have you seen PGS? Which have been its highlights?

Win Systems has always supported the Peruvian market and the PGS fair as its most important meeting point. We were already one of the few operators that were at the last December edition reinforcing the reactivation of the sector and we experienced a great deal of activity among operators. Now we are no longer talking about reactivation, we are noticing that all the operators have come to the fair in full activity and wanting to renew their equipment, to continue working on retaining their players, and for this they ask us for new tools, they are interested in the news and make a clear commitment to the future of the sector in Peru. In this sense, we believe that it has been a great success to expand the marketing of our exclusive 25th Anniversary Gold Club roulette because it has generated an incredible impact, just as many operators have been interested in understanding how WIGOS can support them to improve the management of operations. your room and your players.

Peru is one of the most important markets in Latam. How is the firm positioned in this market and which are its goals for the rest of the year?

We have always said that for Win Systems, Latam is our natural market, this is where we have several of our priority strategic markets such as Peru, Mexico, Colombia, several key markets in the Caribbean and also in the southern cone. Our products and solutions are fully adapted to the needs and preferences of Latin America. Specifically in Peru, several years ago we carried out a profound renovation of all our work operations following a rigorous strategic plan, and since then our growth has been incredible. At Win Systems we pride ourselves on always being by the operator's side to understand and attend to their needs, and this has been very well received by the country's highly professional casinos. In Peru we have always found a very good reception, and this has led us to be leaders in electronic roulettes, and to have a very notable and growing presence in gaming machines and management systems. Of course, our goal is to further accelerate this very positive trend.

A bill to regulate online gaming is being considered in Peru. How do you think this law would affect the activity of the games of chance sector? 

Win Systems does not participate directly in online gambling, although of course we are attentive to all the regulatory changes that occur in the markets where we operate. We have always defended that the regulations simply define the rules of the game and they have to be accepted, we are very used to adapting to the specific rules of each jurisdiction. What is going to be really interesting is to see how the sector is increasingly going to abandon the separation between online gaming and face-to-face gaming, and progressively they are going to converge. As this happens, it will have a profound impact on the industry, which is why we have been preparing for this transformation with our gaming systems and solutions for a long time.

Peru Gaming Show 2022 - PGS

Peru Gaming Show 2022 takes place in Jockey Exhibition Center in Lima. For two days, it holds conferences, networking, novelties, trends and the exhibition of products and services, with the presence of the most important operators and suppliers of the Latin American gaming sector.