29 June 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´The growth we have had in the last three years, despite the pandemic, has been exponential´: Emiliano Sánchez, Mancala Gaming

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive).- SoloAzar interviewed Emiliano Sánchez, Commercial Manager of the online slots provider Mancala Gaming. "We founded the company 3 years ago in the Czech Republic, we have had a very good reception in European markets, and now in Latin America and Asia," said Sánchez from his stand at the recent Peru Gaming Show.

What did Mancala Gaming's participation in PGS consist of?

Peru is an important market for any game provider, I think. It is essential to participate in Peru. As a company, we know that Peruvians like gambling, we know the potential of this market, we know what is happening, in fact, we have already been talking to several operators and what we would like is to promote the brand in the region, passing through Peru. We are now in a certification process for other important markets such as Colombia, which we believe will be very decisive for the future of the brand.

What is the brand strategy like and how is the firm positioned nowadays in Peru and in the rest of Latam?

The truth is, this is a long-term job, here the important thing is to position the brand, that people know it and see the tools that we provide and that they want to work as business partners with us. So far it has been a success, not only the games but also the added value that we offer, and I believe that it will be very beneficial if these tools are well exploited for our business partners here in Peru. And that's part of what we're doing here.

We are now doing a job of penetrating the Latin American market. We have commercial partners in the area, specifically in Peru we are already working with Apuesta Total, we are now with Doradobet, and we are in talks with other important ones such as Solbet, so we see strong potential in the area. On a technological level, we are talking with different technology providers in the area, who have seen the potential of our product and have opened their doors wide for us.

Now we are doing a job not only of meeting and seeing each other after the pandemic, the truth is that the way of doing business has changed a lot, but also being able to educate and deepen business relationships. We focus a lot not only on having the games ready; there is also a process of education, reinforcement and monitoring, and at the same time feedback from our partners.

What expectations do you have regarding the online gaming and betting bill which is being discussed in the country?

We have regulated markets like Germany, we have certified products in markets like Malta, now in fact we are in a strong certification process for key markets, among them, in Latin America, Colombia, and we always bet on regulation. Regulation is good for the operator, for the player and for the provider too, as long as it is done in a reasonable way, that they have the advice of the operators who understand how the game works. We have seen cases where there is an over regulation, which what it does is divert the player to the black market, and in the end that is detrimental. We welcome reasonable regulation, and we are willing to comply with what regulators offer us.

What are the company's plans for the rest of the year?

We have several meetings with partners from Costa Rica, we will be at the next show in Brazil, São Paulo. Then we go to Amsterdam and we are planning to go to Singapore as we have partners in Asia. We are also evaluating Miami, of course, important shows such as Barcelona, ​​Malta, London, are fairs where we will also be.

What can you add about the company's products?

The growth we have had in the last three years, despite the pandemic, has been exponential, and we really do not want to lose the momentum we have had so far, and continue adding partners.

The last 10 titles from the company have been incredible. Jewels Mania, the latest title, is super entertaining. Games like Portal Master, which also mix skill with a strategy for the player, but above all there are the gamification and loyalty tools that we offer, they are automatic, they take the load off support and give another tool to marketing. That is what operators are now seeing. We have been talking to several and they are all very interested in the tools. In addition, we are implementing the personalized treatment and the possibility of implementing the changes that they ask us for here, and it is something very successful.

Peru Gaming Show 2022 - PGS

Peru Gaming Show 2022 takes place in Jockey Exhibition Center in Lima. For two days, it holds conferences, networking, novelties, trends and the exhibition of products and services, with the presence of the most important operators and suppliers of the Latin American gaming sector.