28 June 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´The Latin American market, with its growth and expectations, is extremely attractive´: Arturo Chaltelt, EveryMatrix

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Arturo Chaltelt, Account Manager Americas, EveryMatrix, shared his opinions about the recent edition of Peru Gaming Show and made reference to the current situation of the company as well as its plans for the rest of the year, among other issues.

“I personally really enjoyed this edition of the Peru Gaming Show. I think there has been an improvement and progress compared to last year. Obviously, if we compare December 2021 with the last fair, which was before the pandemic in 2019, there was a significant contraction in terms of participants and attendees, but in this latest edition it is improving," Chaltelt commented. “I had the opportunity to see old colleagues from the industry and new companies, and honestly I am very surprised and pleased to see so many initiatives here in the Peruvian market, so much participation, so many new faces. It is very exciting how everything is recovering in the global environment, it is returning to normality, and in the specific environment of Peru, increasing interest and greater participation in this market," he added.

Regarding the activity of the company, Chaltelt stated: “Being a European company, EveryMatrix has very important clients in Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, and a couple of years ago it started EveryMatrix Americas, trying to maximize our presence, both in Latin America and North America, in Canada and the US specifically, due to the development and growth of these last two markets. On a global level, the company is very well positioned in Europe and Asia. Our clients based on Latin America who have worked with European and Asian companies know what EveryMatrix is ​​about, and little by little I think we have been growing and improving our presence in this continent. Now we are working hard, in the team led by Erik Nyman (President Americas) to be able to grow. We have a wide range of casino products, from platforms to payment methods, to an aggregation system, to bonus systems, many different solutions that we believe are distinctive and useful for any casino, from one just starting out to others already established, whatever the situation, we believe that EveryMatrix can support and offer different kinds of products to collaborate together”.

“The Latin American market, with its growth and expectations, is extremely attractive. For international companies, there is already a significant presence and awareness of EveryMatrix and we are now working to make us known by local companies. We hope that in a few years we will be one of the most recognized companies in all of the Americas, from Canada to Argentina”, he added.

When asked about the imminent regulation of online gaming in Peru, he replied as follows: “Without a doubt, the regulation of the sector is advancing more and more, not only in Peru but also in other jurisdictions that require it. I think this is great news, as regulation makes competition better and companies operate in the best possible way. It cleans up the market, restricts it, and creates a better environment for everyone.

 Therefore, I believe that regulation is necessary here in Peru and we are very anxious to see what happens and to see how we need to work to be able to be both in Peru and in other regulated markets. We are a company that is proud to say that we work with different jurisdictions and with licenses, with everything in order”. “We have been working in the US, where it is a bit more fragmented, as each state has a different legislation. So when the time comes in Peru and in other jurisdictions, I think we will be ready, thanks to the great work that our compliance team and the company in general have done. For us, all kinds of initiatives are welcome to regulate everything, in order to have better control and make an industry more prosperous.”

When asked about the company's plans for the rest of the year, he said that they are preparing some very interesting launches. “We are very focused on the United States market, which will undoubtedly be very influential for the region. As the US market continues to open its doors and generate activity, that will influence the industry globally. We also plan to continue pushing important markets like Peru, Mexico, Colombia, so that is the focus of the company for the rest of the year: continue expanding EveryMatrix Americas, continue becoming partners with large companies. We have a wide range of products for different initiatives, from b2b to b2c, and it's about finding allies to continue promoting the company's content”, he assured.

“In the case of the fairs, we came to the Peru Gaming Show, we will have a presence in Brazil, without a doubt if there are events in Mexico we will also be there due to the proximity, and we hope to close the year with many more live accounts, with many more alliances in Latin America and aim for a 2023 in which EveryMatrix America has twice the presence and is a point of reference for industry suppliers”, he concluded.