11 December 2020
United States
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Our business has shown extraordinary resilience´- David Flinn, IGT

(United States, SoloAzar Exclusive).- David Flinn, IGT Regional Vice President, South America and Canada, granted an interview to SoloAzar, in which he talked about the current global situation, and remarked the firm's resilience and flexibility under the circumstances that the pandemic brought upon the industry and the world in general.

"Our business has shown extraordinary resilience under the unique circumstances that COVID-19 has brought upon our industry and the world in general. This resilience is the result of offering customers around the world a diverse portfolio of gaming solutions, as well as our flexibility in responding to customers’ changing needs and challenges," Flinn remarked.

"Global events like this usually accelerate the sunsetting of some technology and products, while also driving new and advanced solutions. Some of our business needs and directions have shifted, whether it’s the growing interest in our cashless payment technology, or the rapid expansion of our digital products," he added.

Flinn highlighted the following: "The strong diversification across our business verticals has served IGT well, especially during times of change. I firmly believe that IGT will emerge from this year in the best position to help all our partners return to pre-COVID conditions in 2021".

With regard to IGT's goals and expectations, Flynn affirmed: "Our objective continues to be offering the most engaging experiences that entertain players and drive customers’ growth. However, the way we build these experiences, and the channels where we launch them, are continuing to transform as we enter 2021."

"We’ll continue our rigorous process of market validation and test bank deployment to make sure that when our content gets to the player, it has the highest chance of success as a verified Proven Performer.
"We’ll also continue to put a greater emphasis on market attunement, ensuring that we’re producing content that responds to the unique preferences of players in specific regions, and that we’re validating performance regionally," he said.

When asked about new developments, he answered: "As an example of the latest results of these efforts, we’ve developed a new generation of fruit games for the Latin America market, with more interactive bonuses, more flexible betting options, and the ability for the operator to configure the RTP within regulatory requirements to heighten player engagement."

"Finally, I believe that creating an ecosystem of land-based and digital gaming products and coupling them with an omnichannel marketing and player loyalty strategy will be the key to not only helping our customers improve their results in 2021, but also providing a buffer between them and unforeseen challenges well into the future, from demographic shifts to public health issues," he said.

He then talked about online gaming: "Looking at our expansion into the digital space, 2021 will see the continuation of our omnichannel launches, while focusing more intently on our casino management systems, sports betting, and electronic table games (ETG) businesses."

"With the broadest portfolio of award-winning content, products and services in the industry, we’re committed to ensuring that we continuously deliver player-driven performance into next year and beyond. Our entire South and Central American team will find every opportunity in 2021 to work with our customers for their benefit and for the wellbeing of the entire industry," he concluded.