12 April 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

‘Traditional trade shows in the world still have an uncertain outlook this year’

(Peru, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Ruben Solorzano, Managing Director of Peru Gaming Show, spoke exclusively with SoloAzar and analyzed the difficult situation that the fairs and events sector faced last year and the uncertainty that continues in 2021. This year, confirmed dates are August 25 and 26.

Has a date been set for this PGS year? What did you take into consideration as organizers at the time of the decision?

After having postponed PGS 2020 due to the crisis generated by Covid 19, we moved the date of the show for this year from the usual month, June. However, we were aware that the immediate future was and is uncertain to the extent that every event was conditioned to health control and vaccination level, seen in this way and given the severity of the pandemic at the beginning of the second wave of infections in Peru, we had to postpone the show scheduled for June 2021 until August 25 and 26. The world is witnessing that the dates of all face-to-face events must be in tune with the evolution of infections by Covid 19 and the security protocols that governments implemented to safeguard human life. In this context and aware of the health severity that is experienced in our country and the rest of the world, we really hope that conditions are favorable to hold the long-awaited PGS 2021 fair in the designated month. It is important to note that we maintain contacts with our clients and exhibitors at PGS, in order to receive comments and suggestions that contribute to making decisions responsibly and for the benefit of all.


How do you see the current situation of the fairs in the world and particularly in Latin America?

As there is no real and definitive control of the Covid 19 virus, the realization of face-to-face fairs in the world still has an uncertain outlook this year, insofar as it is conditioned to the control and evolution of the pandemic. The large fairs in Europe and Asia have been postponed until 2022 due to the severity of infections, in Latin America the realization of this type of events could take the same sense, if the controls do not give results and the contagions overflow. For now, there is hope to keep some dates already set, but in our opinion, much will depend on what happens to the virus between April and May. Against this background, virtual events, basically linked to forums and conferences, are being used as an alternative to have a presence and be connected with the gaming sector and industry.


Are there very well defined fairs in Latin America territorially, is there any connection between them in these moments of crisis?

Actually, there was no connection or contact between the organizers of the Latin American fairs. As we know, these events are present in three countries - Colombia, Argentina and Peru. The critical situation that we have lived through since March 2020 did not help to achieve this objective, however, PGS was and is always willing to dialogue and exchange ideas that allow the optimization of presentations and/or shows for the benefit of Gaming agents. Along these lines and out of respect for the gaming community (suppliers, applicants and the general public), the setting of dates for the fairs must be carefully chosen to guarantee full participation in each country.


What analysis can you make of the past year for the sector in general? Do you think you can project what will happen in the future?

The year 2020 was a lost year for everyone, the gambling sector was one of the hardest hit by maintaining the forced closure of businesses, in addition, because in almost all countries where reactivation policies were applied, the sector in particular was considered in the last phase, in the final end. While it is true that all crises happen, and Covid 19 will not be the exception, the point is that in its wake this crisis led to the closure of many businesses, colossal debts and mass unemployment. Getting all of this back will not be easy, but it will come to a point where recovery will be a reality. We must be enthusiastic and think that in the not too distant future we will return with the dynamics of a sector characterized to entertain and socialize. A future projection in a world where conditions are very uncertain would not be very responsible.