16 April 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Our company is known to be very much spread around the world´

(Slovenia, SoloAzar Exclusive).- “As a Company, our challenge was to adapt as quickly as possible and get ready to face a long period of standstill,” said Albert Radman, Sales Director, Alfastreet in an exclusive interview with SoloAzar on the occasion of one year of Covid pandemic and the changings it brings all around the world.

What can you evaluate about the current situation of the sector, one year after the beginning of the pandemic? 

Not much has changed. Everyone seems to be ‘hanging on’ and waiting for this whole thing to pass. Casinos around the world faced closings..openings...closings... different situations but overall the damage to the Casino sector is enormous. Today we can (still) see the signs of recovery… unless we get hit by another Covid wave. Actually, we have been seeing and predicting but it seems like we were more like hoping that this thing will end soon. Some parts of the world are actuall starting the recovery process, US is definitely a leader here. We hope that the rest of the world will follow soon and we will all be able to start making our living as we use to in the past.


What challenges have you had to face as a company?

As a Company, our challenge was to adapt as quickly as possible and get ready to face a long period of standstill. We were lucky enough to still remain operational for the whole period during the Covid time and we were able to still supply the Customers that remained operational. So till today, except downsizing our production structure to a certain point, we were able to maintain our position and we also used this opportunity to restructure some of the departments to make them more efficient.

Another challenge was the fact that we grounded and we couldn’t travel to our customers. This challenge is still effective today and we are more than eager to resume our operations and our hand on direct approach to our Customers. Our team is ready and attentive, so as soon as the conditions permit, we will be the on the planes, picking up where we left of more than a year ago.


In what issue have you managed to have results beyond your expectations within the current situation? Have you had an unexpected opportunity?

As mentioned, our dedicated work and great reputation on the global market gave us the opportunity to sell our products even during the Covid times. We were able to conclude several sizeable contracts, all of them in different parts of the world, and these were enabling to us to remain fully operational and self-sustainable. One of the opportunities that we seized was in Ukraine, where the market is getting ready for the operation of the multiple new venues. We were lucky enough to partner up with a Company that secured the sales of Alfastreet products in such amount that we will claim dominance on the market as soon as it opens.


How could you describe the profile of the average player nowadays? WHich are the average tastes and demands?

The players that are loyal to land based gaming are not very demanding in terms of technology. Even the opposite, these players are usually loyal to certain product, or even the brand, and they appreciate the whole experience, including the amenities that the venue itself provides. This is one of the reason that our main products, Electronic Roulette, has been around for decades and is still one of the major contributors to any Casino operation around the globe.


Which are the most important markets for the company at present?

Our company is known to be very much spread around the world. Our policy is to cover every possible sale and make sure our brand is represented as much as possible. Unlike many of our competitors, we are therefore present in approximately 120 countries around the world and we hold a very sophisticated distribution and service network.

Our key market change on regular bases, as we maneuver from one opportunity to another. Currently, I’d say we are focused at Europe and Asia (not to be too specific) while the US market is also progressing steadily according to our projection.