2 July 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Enada is the only B2B event scheduled in Italy this year for the gaming and amusement world´

(Italy, SoloAzar Exclusive).- With Enada Rimini confirmed dates for September 21-23 in Rimini Expo Centre, SoloAzar spoke exclusively with Orietta Foschi, the brand manager of Italian Exhibition Group for Enada, about the expectations for this new edition of the show.

How are you preparing for the new edition of ENADA RIMINI?

Enada is the only B2B event scheduled in Italy this year for the gaming and amusement world.We began organization work here at Italian Exhibition Group some time ago on what will be the first opportunity for networking for the product chains involved in the re-opening of amusement arcades, betting shops, bingo halls and casinos, foreseen by the Italian Government for 1st July.

What are your expectations?Can we consider the event as a return to normality?

It is difficult and premature to talk about a return to normality after the crisis that hit the sector.We are definitely counting on also organizing for this 33rd edition, an expo that will be the reference point for the entire sector and the first real opportunity to sum up the situation on the necessary relaunch of the market:an opportunity for meeting that is a must for trade members looking for relations, ideas, services and products.

What new features will there be at this new edition?

The new features are at present being realized and aim at not letting the technical  innovations prepared in this year of pandemic go to waste, with the conferences that will be held, not only face to face, but also in streaming with a program currently being updated.The layout foresees admittance via the south entrance to the expo centre, with direct access to the Vision Arena, the great new feature of the last edition.

What can you tell us about the current situation of the sector in Italy?

The sector is going through one of the worst crises in its history and precisely Enada, as I mentioned, will be the opportunity for highlighting the analysis of future scenarios of recovery and an initial balance of the summer season, with the possibility of also outlining the market’s new post-Covid dynamics.And, moreover, regarding the program for the reorganization of national regulations, expected for years by the entire gaming and amusement sector, the expo will also be the opportunity for discussions on this.