13 July 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

How to face the return to work amidst the pandemic? New Video

(Buenos Aires, SoloAzar Exclusive) .- Daniella Mundy, Psychologist, Executive Coach and Facilitator, Claudia Rodriguez, Clinical Psychologist, specialist in training and organization, and Ana María Padrós, marketing specialist for the gaming industry, accepted SoloAzar's call to make a video in which they provide tools to face the return to work in the middle of the pandemic and provide marketing tips for companies and employees.

Internal Marketing: Why is it important?
"As important as staying connected with customers in the midst of the health crisis is looking within the company to achieve the loyalty of employees," says Ana María Padrós, who adds that this situation becomes very important in a pandemic because for many casinos its workers have been the strongest link with customers at a distance.

How to apply internal marketing in casinos?
-Use the tools of technology for effective communication with the worker community.
-Establish the objectives and causes.
-Consult collaborators about improvements in casino strategies and their performance.

"The goal is to make people feel committed, recognized and valued," adds Padrós. "Endomarketing will allow casinos to recover the external audience from the agile work of the internal team, and that they can be seen as agents of change."

Casino Preparation
"If this pandemic has made anything clear, it is that people are the most important thing. People are the center of everything, as a society, as consumers and as workers. Companies will not succeed if workers are not committed and aligned with their reason. Hence the importance of working on the pride of belonging to an organization, and precisely, attracting and retaining loyalty also requires marketing strategies and professionals who, together with the Human Resources Department, work to achieve this goal ".

Flexibility, the key to returning to work
Daniella Mundy talks about adapting to change, flexibility, and the importance of creating conversation spaces, where we can talk about the emotions and feelings that we have been experiencing during this pandemic time. "Within work, create context, create spaces for self-care, take healthy breaks, " she says.

A new look
Claudia Rodríguez talks about the challenge of taking a new look and every day making decisions that allow us to improve. It also adds the need to look for those social relationships that we have lost during this time, and to take care of our thoughts and our words.

"I hope for all of you that the gradual and partial return to work will come smoothly, and be generous with yourself. Do not judge yourself harshly. Give yourself the opportunity and I am sure that you will feel more in harmony, with you, with your family and with all those who are around you," she concludes.


To contact the specialists:

Claudia Rodriguez (Clinical Psychologist, specialist in training and organization): claudiarodriguezramirez@gmail.com

Daniella Mundy (Psychologist, Executive Coach and Facilitator): d.mundyg@gmail.com

Ana María Padrós (marketing specialist for the gaming industry): anapadros@teamseven.pe