24 August 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

´The experience of returning to face-to-face events has been exciting´-Ana María Padros, Team Seven

(Cartagena de Indias, SoloAzar Exclusive) .- Ana María Padrós, Founder and General Manager of Team Seven, tells us about her experience of reuniting with colleagues, exhibitors and visitors at the GAT EXPO 2021 fair that took place last week in Colombia. "There is a lot of curiosity to learn more about the online industry and especially esports," she says.

How have you experienced the reunion with your colleagues, exhibitors and visitors to the show, after almost 2 years without face-to-face events?
The experience of returning to face-to-face events has been exciting; From taking the plane, checking into the hotel, and dressing in a suit and heels to attending conferences and exhibitions, I have enjoyed it all very much. Meeting friends and colleagues after so long only reminds me that there is nothing like physical interaction, that is, you can survive with the home office but the ideal is the combination of face-to-face and virtual events.

How have you seen the GAT organization, in terms of security, facilities and visitors?
The organization was impeccable from my point of view, the necessary security measures were taken and the event had an orderly development. The ideal facilities for an event like GAT.

What have been the highlights of the conference?
The purely online content was very appropriate for the moment we are living, many of us are aware of the coexistence of land-based with virtuality, which are complementary and the presence of face-to-face casino operators and guilds that represent them is a clear example of the importance that online gambling has acquired for all of us who participate in this industry.

What was the feedback from the visitors and the networking with other executives?
All very happy to see each other again, comments on the recovery of the industry with a positive vision of it. Very curious to learn more about the online industry and especially esports. In particular, I was able to exchange interesting information about our Latin American markets, meet representatives of new brands and others that already have a considerable time in the market. In the same way, I took valuable information from the conferences I attended from beginning to end.

GAT Expo Gaming & Technology

This year, the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center hosted GAT Expo 2021, where platforms, software, cybersecurity, bets and virtual games, e-Sports and affiliates, as well as last generation slots, cabinets and roulettes, had their space. 3A Producciones, an organizer of FADJA for 21 years, refreshes its brand portfolio, incorporating, in addition to gaming, technology as the basis of innovation in the gaming industry in the world.