10 September 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

´We feel that there is a lot of enthusiasm to meet again and return to normality´

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive) .- Rubén Solórzano, Managing Director of Affiliated Marketing Group, in charge of the organization of Peru Gaming Show, spoke with SoloAzar about the news that will be presented in the next edition of the event, which will take place in December.

As organizers, what are the main advantages of the change of date, and what are your expectations for the next edition?
AMG SAC, the company that organizes the PGS event, made the responsible decision to hold the event for December 1 and 2 based on critical scenarios that affected the Peruvian market. First, we have the level of vaccination against Covid 19 to achieve herd immunity before the end of the year, on the other hand, the eminent arrival of a third wave, and finally, a political environment with some instability in Peru at the moment, These were sufficient factors that forced the setting of new dates for PGS 2021. Therefore, there will be a face-to-face interaction and networking with more confidence. In addition, the fact that many operators started their activities will make them very eager to see news and product offerings.

Each edition of PGS leaves us a high fence for the next one, therefore, as the entire society returns to normality, the next edition of PGS will be a great attraction. As always, we will seek to bring together the largest number of exhibitors and visitors.

 What has been the response you have obtained so far from companies and exhibitors?
With everyone we have talked to, we feel that there is a lot of enthusiasm to reconnect and get back to normal, see each other face to face and renew old friendships and start new ones. They have expressed to us that they are no longer very comfortable with virtual events and are ready for a face-to-face event. Although we do not expect to have stands with large constructions as in past years, the exhibitors see the need to be present and show the operators their commitment to the market and the confidence of recovery. And as always, the operators are very interested in the innovations and novelties that they can find at the show.

What is the current situation of gambling activity in Peru? Do you see a recovery in the short or medium term?
Currently the casinos and slot machine rooms are operating under protocols established by the government to care for and protect attendees from COVID 19. All are with a capacity of 50% with limited hours of operation. However, customers are very excited to be able to return and once again enjoy live entertainment and not just on computers for online games. We think that recovery will be faster than originally thought.

What do you think will be the trends to be showcased at PGS 2021, in terms of products and technology?
In each edition of PGS, you always see new games, platforms, cabinets and software, developed by manufacturers whose innovation process never stops. We also know that there are many products as a result of the COVID protocols. We hope that many of these novelties will be present at PGS 2021. We also know that online games and sports betting have had tremendous growth in this time of pandemic, so we are confident that we will have the presence of many of these companies at the show. Waiting, by the way, the prompt regulation in Peru of online games and sports betting.