13 September 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

´We are one of the main providers of the international games of chance industry´

(Madrid, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Manuela Jiménez, Zitro VP, talked to SoloAzar within a series of interviews to inspiring women in the gaming industry. She started working in the sector in 1971 and, since then, she has worked in important companies until reaching the current vice presidency of Zitro. In this article, Manuela shares her professional experience and her goals.

Manuela Jiménez was born in Madrid, the city where she studied Philology and several languages. Later, he did a Master at IE focused on the business world.

"I would define myself as a discreet, measured person, but with character," says Manuela, who tells us about her beginnings in the industry. "I started working in the gaming industry in 1971 with the pinball manufacturer Petaco. In 1986 I joined the International Department of the Recreativos Franco group where I dealt with the markets of Portugal, France, Belgium and Italy, to later move to the position of Country Manager in Brazil from 1997 to 2004 ".

Then, she shared her work experience at Zitro. "I met Johnny Ortiz already in 1997 when I traveled to Brazil for the first time for a Fair and when he decided to start his Zitro project in Spain in 2007, I was very fortunate that he had me and the experience has not It could be more rewarding. In all this time Zitro has managed to establish itself, by right, as the leading provider of video bingo worldwide. But the most surprising thing has been the leap that Zitro has made in recent years creating slot products that are leading the way. the market with excellent results for the operators, who enjoy great success among the players, and which have led us to position ourselves as one of the main providers of the gaming industry in the international arena".

As a woman in a leading role within the gaming industry, we asked her about the greatest challenges and accomplishments she had to face. "At the beginning it was difficult, there were few women and the sector was and continues to be complicated by its own nature. I feel that they have always treated me with respect and affection, I have been able to progress with effort and dedication like anyone else. At Zitro, moreover, There are many women with decision-making capacity and great responsibility. Of course I have had challenges and many of them have culminated in achievements, but I don't necessarily think they were because I was a woman. "

Finally, she tells us about her main goals and plans for the rest of the year. "My goal is to continue offering the best product available to our customers, putting more desire and more passion than ever if possible."