30 September 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

Azerion: ´Gamification is the key word of the present in a society where virtual and real mix more and more´

(Italy, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Tommaso Zeppetella, Azerion Head of Gaming Advertising, granted an interview to Solozar about recent Esports Business Day, the first B2B event in Italy combining training, professional updating and networking for the esports sector.

What has been your impression about the recent Esports Business Day?
This first edition was a real success, most of all thanks to the winning combination of training and networking moments. The Esports Business Day has been able to gather professionals and experts from both gaming and eSports industries that finally had the chance to meet face to face! On my end, I can say it was a great pleasure to be back on stage by joining a physical event highlighting Azerion's platform offer and solutions.

Can you share with us a quick review about the speech "Senator, we run games" that you headed at the event?
I was inspired by the memorable question and answer from the US Senate questions to Facebook Founder/CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, about how to sustain a business model in which users don't pay for service, well in Azerion We don't Run Ads but Games! Casual game is our core business in a platform of high-tech services. I highlighted how a brand can reach the right audience through our gaming proposals.

How was your experience on stage, considering that speakers had to present their speeches in TED style?
It could be challenging, but it was an easy and accessible way to share Azerion's message and plus value. Moreover, this was an in-person event, which means we (not only myself, but the company I represent) had the opportunity to reach people and groups who were willing to finally meet face-to-face, a true benefit after two years far from the usual industry events.

How have you experienced the fact of meeting again with colleagues, visitors, and clients in a face-to-face event?
It was really useful and incredibly inspiring. Professionals and massive experts came together sharing best practices, case studies, and visions for the future. I'm so grateful to all participants for sharing their time and know-how.

What is the current situation of the games of chance market in Italy and Europe, and what are your future perspectives on the matter?
To date, 43% of Italians use video games. The new generations represent future and they are already beyond social network; for them gaming is one of the media through which interact with the world. Gamification is the key word of the present in a society where virtual and real mix more and more.

What are the main goals of Azerion for the remainings of 2021 and 2022?
As said by our CEO "We would like to become the biggest platform in Europe with our vision to serve the market of gaming. Our goal is to create a safe, connected and intelligent ecosystem (enabled through our technology) that will accelerate the growth of European companies connected to our operations".