30 September 2021
SoloAzar Exclusive

SKS365:´We have now on our portfolio the new generation of Virtual Sports´

(Italy, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Luca Grisci, Director of Retail Strategy SKS365, granted an interview to SoloAzar within recent ENADA show, in which he talked about the main novelties showcased at the event and the current situation of the Italian games of chance market, among other issues.

How have you experienced the fact of meeting again face to face in a traditional show? ¿How has been the reunion with other exhibitors and visitors?
It was a very good feeling to be back at Enada, it is a sign that things are gradually coming back to normality. Especially after such an extended period of closure of our retail network, this exhibition was a great opportunity to meet face to face both our shop owners and our commercial partners. In particular, I appreciated the level of discussion around important topics such as the outlook for the industry and its latest developments. The fact that we were the only big operator in the industry added more value to our participation which overall was very positive and, quite frankly, beyond our expectations.

What are the main novelties that the firm has presented in ENADA in terms of product releases?
A richer offer, plenty of technological innovation and the omnichannel approach: these are the three pillars with which Planetwin365 presented itself at Enada 2021. The exhibition was the perfect showcase to present our enhanced, integrated and ever richer offer across all the verticals. Thanks to a series of strategic agreements, we have now on our portfolio the new generation of Virtual Sports, a complete horseracing offering with the introduction of the complementary betting offer and cutting-edge betting terminal to ensure a great level of entertainment to the customers in our shops. In addition, Enada was the opportunity to present two new business lines: PlanetSpin365, the SKS365’s brand for the gaming machine business and PlanetPay365, the multi-service platform for value-added services, which opens up a new range of possibilities for both retailers and customers and allow us to diversify our business.

With regard to the Italian games of chance market, what is the current situation and, In your view, what perspectives do you foresee for the near future in Italy?
We've been expecting for a long time for a reorganization of the whole gaming industry, to redefine a clear and solid regulatory system. All gaming companies are waiting for it to have the opportunity to develop a long-term strategy. In my opinion, the concrete and active participation of all stakeholders, including operators, in the gaming reorganization process is really crucial. We hope for an open discussion with institutions and politics in order to find the right balance between the protection of public health, the prevention of gaming addiction and the business's safeguard. Also, the regional issues, with so many different local regulations about gaming distribution on territory, is a topic that needs to be addressed by establishing a positive dialogue between operators and local institutions.

What are the main goals of the company for 2022?
The main goal of 2022 is to further develop our omnichannel strategy. We want to keep enhancing our retail offer, and fully integrate it with the online channel, in order to offer to our users a seamless customers experience. It will be also the year of the full development of our two new business lines we recently launched: PlanetPay365, a multifunctional solution that offers a wide range of services in just one platform and PlanetSpin365, our new brand for gaming machine business. Thanks to several important agreements and partnerships we are about to announce in the coming months, we are sure that 2022 will see the success of the company and of both the new projects.