12 October 2021
United States
SoloAzar Exclusive

´I think that the return of Bya Group after the pandemic will be very strong, with a lot of work´

(Las Vegas, SoloAzar Exclusive).- César Báez, General Manager of BYA Group, was exclusively interviewed by SoloAzar during the recent G2E event. "We have participated in 6 exhibitions in Las Vegas," said Baez, who talked about the return of face-to-face events and about the current situation of the company and the games of chance sector in general.

What did it feel like after such a long time to go back to a traditional event, and meet with clients and colleagues?
I felt a bit nervous that the expo was not successful in the first place, because of people's fear of COVID. But I felt that the company needs a push, which is the same that the fairs give us to move forward, because the pandemic is still making us go through very difficult times, also economic, because it has been a year and two months where you are paying rents, salaries, taxes and a series of things without having income, because we had income 0. surely they will be left on the road. Well, we will have the opportunity to get up again, and I believe that the process will be very slow, however, economic activity begins again, and I believe that it did not take 3 months when all the clients began to speak.

They arrived, they organized and I thought that the least they were going to do was buy chairs, but what happened? Many casinos were sold because they could not get ahead, so those who came new, like a person who comes to a new house, removes the rugs and chairs, and adapts it in their own way. They started calling us from all over Latin America, not just Mexico. So right now we have that respite again and we are hiring more workers, because during the pandemic we did many things, we made a line of gaming armchairs, which in fact we have brought two new models to the fair. Already the Gamer line made us make a Gamer production line. Now we do casino gamer and Amazon. During the pandemic it was Amazon and Gamer. The casinos are back and for me it is the most important economic activity in Bya Group, so all the people have to be concentrated in the casinos, and those of gamer are increasing the sale very fast, and we decided to release two new models and we brought them and they have been a huge success at the expo with the brand that my son César is launching, which is called Quetzal. So through Quetzal, you have a designer, so we design the armchairs, which is the Quetzal, and another that we haven't baptized yet. We already have the Gamer, the Indi, the Racer, the Quetzal. There are already groups of gamers in Mexico, people who want a Gamer chair are already looking for us and right now the Quetzal chair is coming out, YouTbers and Influencers say "I want one", but we also broadcast them live, and it helps us sell . So I think that the return of Bya Group after the pandemic will be a very, very strong return, full of a lot of work.

Another thing that favors us is that in Asia the freight for sea shipments is very expensive, so our competition, which sells Chinese chairs and says they are German or American. We do manufacture, but we have 6 factories, where we make wood, where we make polyurethane, where we make casino chairs, where we make office chairs, where we make all the metal, so we have material to make everything, when instead there is a worldwide shortage. That favors us because we can make 2,000, 3,000 or 5,000 chairs, and the competition cannot. So one thing is logistics and the other is that in China they give you 6 months of delivery date, so it is a bit complicated for those types of companies that did not decide to invest in technology or in a manufacturing plant. And that's where Bya Group also has a double chance to get ahead.

The pandemic made us think about how not to die. It was difficult for the company and for the owners, who are Ana María and I, because we had to invest our savings so that the business did not die, and hopefully we will have a new opportunity. It is a love that we have for manufacturing, which is like having a child that you love very much and you are not going to let him die.

Third day of the fair. What balance can you make?
In the case of BYA Group, the expo in general scared me when I got to install with my children and it turns out that in the area of ​​the platforms, there was no one but us. Then I was scared at first and then I knew that Europeans cannot come, neither can Indians nor Chinese. But the entire American and Latin market is here. And it is our target market, so we have done very well, thank God. Everyone came and we are doing business with everyone, so it is very important to come and be in contact with customers. I was very pleased, and you saw a person and hugged them.
 I had COVID. And there were a lot of people who got COVID and died. Thank God I was vaccinated and nothing happened to me, and here we are, in our second wind after COVID.
Next show?
December 1 and 2 at PGS, in Peru. It is time to all be united and give impulse to the sector and the fair.

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