23 August 2022

´This online gaming project is another link to go in search of the best scenario for gaming in our country´

(Montevideo, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Luis Alberto Gama, Consultant and Managing Partner of Gaming Consultores, shared with SoloAzar an analysis about the progress of online gaming regulation in Uruguay, in line with what is happening in other Latin American countries.

On August 11, the Substitute Bill referred to the provision of the activity of online casino games was found in the Treasury Commission of the Chamber of Senators.

This modality, unlike sports betting, was not regulated and to some extent this means an advance in the ordering of online activity.

The future project in question meets a need and aims to incorporate a new line of business for those Companies installed in the country that have invested in projects linked to the activity or that do so in one.

Regardless of whether it could have been solved in a better way, this project tries to legislate on a modality that, in any case, has been exploited in our country.

This act is in tune with what has been happening in other countries of the Region, in everything related to the regular virtual gaming modalities that today have a great penetration in the public bettor. It defines that such activity may be provided through the General Directorate of Casinos through the traditional system (full exploitation by the State) or through the current operations that work under the so-called mixed exploitation system (public and private).

Likewise, it establishes that the Executive Power may also authorize those concessionaires that currently provide the activity of casino games in person. This is for those operations that are exclusively of a private nature.

In parallel, it clearly determines the scope of the license to be granted in the case of those who in the future acquire the quality of concessionaires of casino games in person, it is indicated that the definitive license that allows the exploitation of the game online, will be operational and authorized after the approved investment is verified and the exploitation of face-to-face gaming begins.

To address everything related to compulsive gambling, a fund is created to finance all those actions that involve the care, treatment and prevention of compulsive gambling.

After the discussion process that will take place in the Chamber of Deputies, it will be approved with or without modifications and will be submitted to the Executive Power so that the project becomes law and will give way to the elaboration of the regulations that will be applied to it.

The regulation is extremely important where the conditions for the exploitation of this modality will be determined, among other things. This will generate, without a doubt, a lot of expectation in the different actors of the activity and the certain possibility of developing game platforms according to the needs. The content of the regulation will define how ambitious the project is and how far it intends to go. There are definitions that must be reflected in it and that is the great challenge.

It is a good opportunity to present a very interesting offer to the market with high-quality proposals and to live up to what the industry demands today.

As it is projected to assign several authorizations, it implies certain competition to win the market and consequently requires betting on the best gaming platforms.

I believe that with this project everything related to online gaming is not fully resolved, but rather it is one more link to go in search of the best scenario for gaming in our country.

Luis Alberto Gama


Managing Partner of Gaming Consultores