26 June 2020
United Kingdom
SoloAzar Exclusive

´We have consolidated our presence in over 80 countries around the world´-CEO of Betadvisor

(United Kingdom, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Charles Herisson, Betadvisor Founder and CEO, was interviewed by SoloAzar. He spoke about the history of the company, the current situation and his opinion on the future scenario for the games of chance industry.

What is Betadvisor? What is its role?

Betadvisor is the world leader in professional sports betting, thanks to the consistently excellent work of the team of experts which constitutes our network. These experts are specialized consultants in the sector.
Born in 2010, over the years our brand has arguably become the most famous site in the world providing sports information services for professional bettors, as well as the first sport tipster service recognized with the ISO 9001 quality standard.
We currently offer predictions on ten different sports and have consolidated our presence in over 80 countries around the world. We are also very active on social networks where to give some data; we currently have a community of over a million and a half users on Facebook alone.
I have been part of the Betadvisor team for six years now. Since 2014 I have been the CEO of the company, bringing and sharing my experience and expertise acquired in the world of gaming, a sector I have been heavily involved in since 2008. It is a very demanding, but truly stimulating challenge.
What are your goals and objectives, and who is your target market?

Safety and responsibility are the keywords that guide our entire business; this is an integral part of our business philosophy.
We have set ourselves the goal of reversing course and changing the perspective of the gaming industry. And we intend to inspire all operators in the sector to follow our trend – that is to put safety and responsibility at the center of development.
What does this mean? Operators in the gaming world, unfortunately, do not always enjoy a good reputation, although, in some cases, the bad reputation is deserved. The task of leading companies, therefore, must be to start educating customers about responsible gaming and safe play, as we do.
To achieve this goal, I believe it is necessary to work on two fronts: on the one hand, we need to introduce laws that can prevent certain behaviours related to gameplay, while on the other we have to demonstrate with concrete actions the commitment of the companies that work in the gaming sector to support initiatives of solidarity and Corporate Social Responsibility.
From a commercial point of view, we focus on B2B, and we are interested in expanding our market into Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. We recently had an important development in the United States with our obtaining of the "Division of Gaming Enforcement" license to operate as an affiliate in New Jersey. This is an excellent opportunity that allows us to connect with new operators and consolidate our relationships with partners that have been active for some time.
When did you start working for the company, and how did this collaboration begin? Have you noticed any changes in the industry in general?

As I mentioned before, I started this professional adventure with Betadvisor in 2014, although I have always been a fan of the sector and have been working in the world of gaming for 12 years now.
Over the past few years, we have witnessed numerous changes in our sector, especially with the issue of certain new regulations. But as I have said, real transformation must start with us. I will never tire of stressing that we must work, day after day, towards a safe and responsible gaming industry. And it is precisely with this will and commitment that, at the end of 2019, we began an important process of change with Betadvisor.com that has since been accelerated by the pandemic.
In fact, we have transformed the payoff that has accompanied us for many years: "We Tip You Win" has become "Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Betadvisor".
The replacement of our slogan reflects precisely our goal of making a change in positioning. And with this in mind, in recent weeks, we have started an essential collaboration with Hub Affiliations which has led to the creation of the Betadvisor Academy, a training school for safe and responsible gaming.
In particular, the Academy will be responsible for training, free of charge, 111 safe gambling consultants, certified over a period of 11 months. The course will start on 11 July with the "Shared management of information tools to play safely" module, which is followed by "Ethics, responsibility, solidarity and earnings in the world of gaming", with other modules to follow.
The betting and gambling industry is going through tough times in general. What is the current situation for Betadvisor?
The gaming industry, already with its problems, is going through a very difficult period. The gaming sector is experiencing a crisis and suffers from a dichotomy which, if not addressed quickly at company and institutional level, will lead to the loss of many jobs and a substantial tax revenue. And that's why we can rely on what is the most powerful weapon at our disposal: change.
Despite the crisis, to achieve this important change in our company, and within the sector in which we operate as a whole, we are looking for fresh, professional figures who can manage the new projects we are launching. These figures will be people who are incentivized to make a difference and motivated to make a significant contribution to create a better world through their professional commitment.
How do you see the future of sports betting?

The scenario that is emerging suggests that the future of sports betting will be very different from the current situation.
I see many challenges, and I suggest the operators who will be able to stay on their feet will be those that make their own room in this sector to win. They must drive fast changes by focusing on innovation, investing in technology and, above all, by putting the social aspect at the heart of their business.