11 January 2021
Latin America
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Our goal is to deliver players the experience they have been missing as they return to casinos,´ Chris Rowe, Aristocrat

(Latin America, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Chris Rowe, Aristocrat Managing Director, LatAm, granted an interview to SoloAzar, in which he made an evaluation of 2020 and talked about the plans and product releases for 2021, among other issues.

"2020 was a challenging year for the world, the gaming industry, our customers and Aristocrat.The challenges we faced were new and different to anything we have ever experienced. The pandemic hit particularly hard in Latin America with non-essential businesses including casinos closed for the better part of eight months – some longer – starting in March. In good news, while recovery has been relatively slow, it’s been steady. As we talk today, we estimate around 70 percent of casinos in Latin America to be open", Rowe affirmed.

"Throughout 2020, and as a result of the challenges, Aristocrat prioritized three things: our people, our customers, and our business. We found a bit of magic in this formula and the lessons learned will serve us well through recovery and beyond", he added.

He then talked about the situation in Latin America. "For LatAm in particular, we were able to get back to basics. Entering 2020, we had some work to do in reviewing our organization, our processes, our product, and our commercial models. We made significant change with intent to bring increased focus to the region. We are proud of the changes we have made and hope you see the benefits  through 2021."

With regard to the expectations and goals for 2021, he commented: "We are excited for 2021. On the improvements we made through 2020, we will look to assist our customers through a sustained recovery. Our goal is to deliver players the experience they have been missing as they return to casinos, and to help our casinos deliver these experiences in safe and entertaining ways."

"All markets in Latin America are important to us. We understand the diversity in these markets and will continue to tune our products and services to meet the needs of players and operators in different countries throughout the region."

Finally, he said: "We look forward to a couple of major product releases. For years, players have been enjoying the Hold & Spin™ feature of Lighting Link™ in slot halls throughout Latin America. Dragon Link™ is the successor to Lighting Link and builds on the sticky feature that players have grown to love. With first installs late in 2020, we look forward to seeing the jackpots accumulate and hit frequently through 2021. We are also excited for the MarsX™ cabinet to land in LatAm. Installed just before the pandemic in North America, the cabinet has earned the number one spot in the Eilers & Fantini Cabinet Performance Report in the for-sale segment. We have a solid product plan for MarsX, including games such as Cash Express™ and Fu Dai Lian Lian™.