1 August 2019
elrecreativo / globoesporte.globo

Brazil: Ministry of Economy to make a public consultation to regulate sportsbooks

(Brazil).- The Ministry of Economy started Tuesday the public consultation in order to regulate the operation of sportsbook venues in the country.

Last Friday, the Officer of evaluation, planification, energy and lottery of the Ministry, Alexandre Manoel Angelo da Silva, published the announcement for the consultation, which will end up on August 31. Brazilian players moved around $4 billion last year on websites hosted abroad.

The officer will use the work initiated last Tuesday as a base for the decree that will regulate sportsbooks in Brazil. The consultation will be open for clubs, betting venues, sports entities and even fans who may present offers.

Conjectures may be performed through Internet and also on fixed points, as it happens in Europe. Betting will not be limited to football. They can be performed in all modalities. The government expects to sign the decree for the end of the year.

He does not discard the possibility that the gambler bets inside the stadiums. The consumer will be enabled to bet in 50 different ways during a match, from the score up to the number of cards on the match. Other types of games, such as casino or bingo, are still forbidden in the country. Accordinf to the law approved in December and sanctioned by former president Michel Temer, the Union will certify private operators to offer this type of bet.

This Tuesday, the regulation of bets in the country will be object of debate on the Sao Pablo Football Federation. The seminar will count with Alexandre Manoel and another executive secretary responsible of the regulation. Around 500 sites abroad have already received bets from Brazilian cityzens. The largest European betting houses have pages in Portuguese, too.

Our greatest concern is the security of the player and the integrity of the sport. We will try to introduce on the Brazilian market the best practices worldwide," said the Officer of the Ministry of Economy.

Clubs may have income due to sponsorships and a percentage of bets. Regulation will also include actions to prevent fraud and money laundering.