6 September 2019

Mexico: SEGOB strengthens its combat against illegal casinos

(Mexico).- In recent years, Mexico has been taking measures to eliminate illegal casinos. The government has started closing those casinos with licenses that have expired or which do not count with a license.

Through SEGOB, the Mexican government expects to protect people affected by illegal gaming and recover the percentage of money that illegal operators are not taxing according to the current laws.

Last year, the gambling industry in Mexico was one of the businesses that generated more winnings. With more than 400 venues operating in the country, it is estimated that the authorizations issues on that period could enable the opening of more than 700 new casinos or gambling venues. However, there are several operators that have not renewed their licenses and are currently operating ilegally, despite they are taxing to the state as stipulated by current regulations.

The role of the games of chance and bets is so big that it occupies a space on worldwide economy. Mexico approved the games and draws law in force in December 2014. With that law it started the process to regulate, control and improve everything related to casinos, sportsbooks, horse racetracks, dog racetracks and cock fights. Many of the measures taken from that measure enabled a gambling boom in Mexico.

However, the law has also helped tighten the measures to combat illegal gambling. A recent investigation in Baja California has been performed in order to control gambling venues. This is the statewith more casinos, due to a strong expansion of the industry with US capitals. As a result of the operation, two illegal gambling venues have been closed and will not have the right to ask for a new license.

Besides, traditional casinos now have a direct competence: online casinos. Pages such as Royal Vegas Casino offers the chance to gamble with slots as if you were on a brick-and-mortar casino. Although they are difficult to regulate, nowadays there are more tools to detect if one of those pages or apps are operating ilegally.