20 July 2020
Press Released

Limpidus presents its new product: Safe Touch

(Argentina, exclusive SoloAzar) .- Límpidus, a company of Brazilian origin and with Argentine capital with 40 years of experience, presents Safe Touch, a powerful long-lasting disinfectant to deactivate Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Germs. This innovative system offers continuous protection for 90 days, and can be used in areas such as casinos, hotels, restaurants, factories, industries, shopping centers, schools, hospital, Gyms, etc.

In casinos it can be applied to slot machines, cards, cloths, game chips, sabots, as well as bathrooms, bars, chairs, tables, entrances, security areas, etc. It is totally ecological and does not affect people at all, it does not damage surfaces, fabrics nor electronic devices.

Limpidus serves 5,000 clients daily in 10 countries Including USA, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, etc. always offering safe spaces by presenting a Professional Cleaning and Disinfection service.

The Safe Touch product is based on 3 important steps: Cleaning, disinfection and protection.

  • Creates an imperceptible, microscopic, coating on the surface that acts as an invisible shield against bacteria, fungi, germs and viruses
  • Only one application of Safe Touch is needed to get continuous protection for 90 days
  • It is a transparent liquid and adheres to different surfaces at the molecular level, creating an antimicrobial coating
  • Prevents the formation of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses through the antimicrobial active ingredient manufactured in the United States, which is registered with the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) and has numerous approvals including the demanding INVIMA of Colombia.

How does it work

It is not a chemical agent, but a physical one, based on nanotechnology. Safe Touch bonds with the treated surface to resists chemicals, repeated washing and can be handled/used. Provides continuous 7 x 24 protection for both personnel and customers


It is not corrosive or toxic, it resists multiple washes, environmental friendly, it is safe for contact with children, the elderly and the sick. It is applicable on tools, fabrics, porous and non-porous surfaces. Does not require frequent disinfection.

Marcos Argenti, LATAM CEO of Limpidus, commented: "In addition to disinfecting like many other good products, Safe Touch offers continuous disinfection for 90 days. In other words, the surface will continue to be disinfected for up to three months. It eliminates Coronaviruses, Bacteria, fungi, etc. It can be applied on any surface, including casino chips, slots, table cloths, chairs, cards, doors, bathrooms, railings, etc. It is a very safe and 100% natural, produced in the United States, available in Colombia, USA, and several Latin American countries at a reasonable price."