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Belatra presented at SiGMA its first 34 games

Tuesday 04 de December 2018 / 10:25

2 minutos de lectura

(Malta, SoloAzar Exclusive).- The fifth edition of SiGMA was held last week. During the second day of the event, SoloAzar spoke exclusively with Maximiliano Majo, General Director for Belatra Latinoamericana, firm that exhibited for the first time in the show. "We are presenting the most important release," he said.

Belatra presented at SiGMA its first 34 games

What are you presenting in this edition of SIGMA?

This is the first time we have a stand at this show. We came last year to meet it and walk it, and this year with a stand. Basically we are presenting our first 34 games that we have done in HTML5, we have games that we were separating from the different markets where we are working, not only as operators but also as game providers for the Latin American market that is where we sell our land-based machines. We have knowledge of the games that are more attractive and we were converting them, rewriting them from scratch in HTML5. The same in Europe; We are casino operators in Belarus, so we know the market very well and we develop the games for each of those markets.

Here we are basically presenting the most important launch, from the point of view of being suppliers of game content and looking for companies that aggregate games or casinos directly to achieve integration. As a novelty, we finished certifying our RGN, that is, our code generator in Malta, and we are certifying the games in Malta, and next month we will have the transfer of the license to UK, with which we are also in the process of installing the company in Malta to have the license as a content provider.

The products that you are presenting at SIGMA, are products for the European market or are they the same as those presented in other markets?

Basically we both in SIGMA and in any other exhibition, such as SAGSE Buenos Aires or ICE in London, we present all the games we have on the Internet and each of these games are separated by packages for different markets, whether European, American African or Asian.

How do you see the current edition of SIGMA?

The first day of SIGMA was very good, unlike other exhibitions such as the American ones, Peru or Argentina. The difference that I notice in particular is that here they are more organized, the schedules are set and they are met, and the meetings are specified. People work in a very organized way. We did our previous work, we generated the meetings and it went very well. Really the works are specified. You talk, you agree and you start working.

How important is for Belatra Games to participate in a show like this?

We are convinced that the future will be through online. Whether we like it or not, it is where the business is going, and as we are convinced of that, for us it is very important to open a second business unit and not be so focused on the land-based but to think about the future.

What balance can you make with respect to your area arriving at the end of the year?

The balance I make is that we notice the interest of different platforms in wanting to integrate different games. At the beginning they were very reluctant to integrate any type of game; they wanted to know them and today they realized that the public needs variety and that variety is the most important thing, as well as novelty. That made that, complying with the rules, with all the certificates and papers in order, one can really achieve an opening. We have already been installed in more than 200 online casinos.

In your opinion, does i-gaming change the style of the player, or is it a new player, different from the traditional casino player?

He is a new player, he is a different player. The public is not going to land-based. I speak mainly in Latin America, which is where I have the most expertise. Today the public in Latin America does not play on the Internet; does not play online.

Our company is ready for online gaming. Mainly in Argentina you are seeing the news. We went from having 4 to 5 provinces with their own online license and today we already know that they are talking about the most important provinces. Little by little it is taking shape.

What are the objectives of the company for next year?

For next year we aim to continue certifying for Alderney, Italy, Spain, and continue to expand in Latin America, making direct contact with the operators, where in this way the integration with the platform is more profitable when one reaches the operator directly.

Are you going to participate next year in any of the shows in Europe?

The idea is to be in ICE also with everything that is online. In the only fair in which we will continue to do land-based is in Argentina.


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