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“Challenges of the Affiliation System in Peru and Latin America”: Experiences and Strategies for the Future

Monday 08 de July 2024 / 12:00

2 minutos de lectura

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive).- In the conference "Challenges of the Affiliation System in Peru and Latin America", prominent experts such as Gustavo Sánchez, Gevorg Rushanyan, Matías Burga and Ariel Izquierdo, share their experiences and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the affiliate market in Peru and in the different contexts of Latin America.

“Challenges of the Affiliation System in Peru and Latin America”: Experiences and Strategies for the Future

“Welcome everyone to the conference “Challenges of the Affiliation System in Peru and Latin America!,” Gustavo Sánchez began his opening speech. Then, he showed some illustrative figures in Peru: “Internet in homes is 90%, which means that only 10% of the population does not have access to the internet. This data reflects the great development and growth of the country. 

And he continued: “Also, it is interesting to note the difference between fixed and mobile internet access. While fixed internet in homes is significant, mobile internet access reaches an impressive 89%. This indicates that the majority of people access the Internet through their mobile phones, so any strategy or campaign must prioritize this channel over the use of desktops.
Another relevant study shows that Peru leads in contact with online betting issues in Latin America, surpassing countries such as Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. This study, carried out over six months, highlights the great potential of Peru in the field of affiliates, casino and online betting. The country has 17 large casinos, 235 gaming tables, 713 rooms and 70,000 machines, which reflects a growing culture in this sector."

Then he went on to explain the definition of an Affiliate: “an affiliate is someone who sends traffic, customers or referrals to a platform. You can be an affiliate through various means such as communication, influencers and digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Affiliates can monetize their efforts through Revenue Share, CPA (cost per acquisition), hybrid models, or fixed payments."

“The affiliate's job is to send traffic to an operator or page, and it is the operator's responsibility to convert that traffic into users. The user experience on the landing page is crucial to affiliate success, as friendlier and more efficient pages convert better,” he added.

First, Gustavo Sánchez briefly introduced Matías Burga,who has been working as an affiliate in the country for the last three years.” Gustavo Sánchez asked Matías Burga to share his experience and collaboration in this sector. Burga thanked the opportunity and expressed his satisfaction at receiving the attendees in Lima. Representing Así es el Fútbol, ​​a digital media with seven years of experience.

"We have been working with the main betting brands, we currently collaborate with nine of them," he explained. "Our work ranges from advertising, using various strategies such as fixed listings, hybrid commissions for referrals and other methods. Recent regulation has facilitated our relationships with operators, making the deal and collaboration more bearable. This allows us to generate higher conversions and establish clear objectives.

Burga highlighted that his medium, Así es el Fútbol, ​​has been active in Peru since 2017, even before the historic qualification for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. "We are proud to have been present before this qualification and before the current regulation. We believe that with "regulation, the betting market, casinos, lotteries and sports can create great synergy to improve gaming communities."

Sánchez, interested in the details of traffic and conversions, asked if he had data on the distribution between sports betting and casinos. Burga responded: "Yes, it is mainly sports betting. Recently, we have integrated online casino games from Pragmatic Play, including demos, to take advantage of the growing wave of online casino in Peru. Currently, traffic is distributed 70% for sports betting , and the rest is divided between casinos, electronic sports and lotteries.

Gevorg Rushanyan explained that Digitain has worked for years in Europe with affiliate systems, and now many operators in Latin America are adopting this practice. He mentioned that countries like Brazil and Mexico have been instrumental due to the lack of physical presence of betting operators, which has driven the use of affiliate programs to drive traffic to the sites. He also pointed out that in Peru the affiliate system is being increasingly promoted to complement the market and add a new source of player income.

“Interestingly, each region has its particularities. For example, in Argentina and Brazil, where multi-level models are common, we had to adapt our platforms to include these features. Localization is essential, and we always end up adapting to the specific needs of each country ” he said.

Sánchez introduced Ariel Izquierdo, from Mexico. He highlighted that Ariel has vast experience in both online and physical trading, and asked him to share his experience working with Ganabet.

Izquierdo explained that the use of affiliates, influencers, and streamers became crucial to driving traffic to the site and app. "In Latin America, the use of affiliates is still developing, but I think that in the coming years we will see significant growth. The recommendation of opinion leaders is very important for people to explore new platforms and start playing. The penetration of Internet in the region is increasing, which makes it easier to connect to digital entertainment platforms," ​​said Ariel.

Sanchez then turned the conversation back to Burga and asked him about his transition from working only with advertising to becoming an affiliate. He explained that at first, his relationship with brands was limited to selling advertising space. However, by becoming an affiliate, the relationship became closer, not only with the brands but also with their community on social networks. "The affiliate system has allowed us to receive direct feedback from users, which we can transmit to operators to improve the user experience. This has been key to keeping players on the platform," commented Matías.
Next, Sánchez asked Gevorg Rushanyan about any special requirements from operators in Latin America, who explained that “affiliate-focused operators often request postbacks to integrate data from different pages and systems into dedicated panels. This is essential to monitor revenue, traffic and conversions transparently.”

"It is crucial that the platform provides transparency and allows the CPA and Revenue Share wallets to be separated, so that affiliates can clearly see their commissions," added Gevorg.

Sánchez asked Izquierdo how many affiliates he currently manages and how he qualifies an opinion leader, who began by reporting that “Mexico has around 95 affiliates, representing 25% of the traffic.” He then commented that in Mexico it is common to work with former soccer players, actors and other opinion leaders who provide credibility to the platform: “it is important to have this mix of opinion leaders and tipsters who recommend bets and tutorials, facilitating the user experience.” 

Sánchez added that he believes that affiliates not only help in user acquisition, but also in retention and reactivation. He mentioned how a tip from an opinion leader can reactivate an inactive player.

Finally, Burga spoke about his experience working with nine affiliations in Peru and how the close relationship with a Peruvian brand has made his job easier. "Constant communication and close collaboration have been key to achieving the reactivation of users and keeping them committed to the platform," concluded Matías.

Sánchez closed the session highlighting the importance of adapting affiliate strategies to each market and the need to work together to improve the user experience in the betting sector in Peru and Latin America.


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