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CT Gaming celebrates its 25th anniversary and at ICE London 2024 presented products that best represent its essence of innovation and legacy

Tuesday 27 de February 2024 / 12:00

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(London, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Georgi Koprinarov, General Director at CT Gaming for LaTam, made an optimist balance of the company’s performance at ICE London for the interview with SoloAzar and he said: “We are happy to say goodbye to London on such a positive note! Receiving the award for overall contribution in the last 25 years has been just part of the successes for this year’s edition of the expo”.

What novelties have you presented at the last edition of ICE in London?

For this edition of ICE, we had prepared some of our most popular products along with the premium version of our hit slot cabinet “NEXT”. Making its debut, the machine features three 32” UHD monitors, premium stand, high quality sound system and many other accessories contributing to the immersive player experience. The compatibility of the machine includes the ‘Diamond King series’, ‘Mermaid Quest’ and ‘Diamond Tree 20’. In addition to the ultimate comfort and practicality, the machine features a USB phone charger, premium slot stand, optional iDeck, and an enlarged CMS panel.

Among the other exhibited products, the visitors were able to find our newest multigame “Tower Link”, paired with the Tower cabinet. The selection combines games with different mechanics including cascading reel games and many more, providing users with diverse choices.  Another multigame at the spotlight was ‘Diamond King 3’. The multigame collection includes 50 captivating games that combine ultimate classic favorites with thrilling new titles. ‘Diamond King 3’ pays tribute to the legendary Mega Jack trio - Aztec Gold, Champagne 20, and Slot-O-Pol Deluxe, by remastering the games with enhanced graphics and immersive concepts, giving new life to those beloved classics. In addition, 20 of the games are linked to the progressive 3-level Diamond Tree Jackpot, which contributes to the engaging experience by allowing the chance of unlocking multiple progressive and bonus values with just one spin.

In the spirit of our anniversary, we wanted to present a blend of innovation and legacy. Therefore, we thoughtfully selected what would best represent the company’s essence.  A true example of that is our hit multigame ‘Diamond King 3’, which is blend of some of our oldest and most popular games enhanced with the latest innovations in the industry.

Could you describe how was your presence at ICE booth?

To describe CT Gaming’s presence, we should start from the stand. The booth had a vibrant display of our latest gaming solutions, allowing the visitors to immerse themselves in hands-on demonstrations of our cutting-edge technologies. The design of the stand itself is a representation of CT Gaming, a seamless blend of sleek modernity with the timeless allure of casino gaming.  At the heart of it all was our team of experts, ready to welcome every visitor with warm smiles and deep industry knowledge.

With all that being said, we had an amazing three days of busy schedules and meetings where we discussed many potential partnerships and new market opportunities. We were able to present our newest and most recognizable products, which contributed to increasing the interest in our portfolio. Besides meeting current and potential clients, and discussing business opportunities, the participation in ICE gave us a platform to expand our network and to discuss the dynamic industry environment with some of the best professionals in the branch. 

In commercial terms, what is your evaluation? Did you achieve the goals proposed? Did new collaborations or business alliances emerge?

For this expo we had set two main goals - to explore the opportunities for extending our customer portfolio to new markets and to increase the brand exposure. Considering that ICE London is the biggest industry event, we consider it a huge success for the company. Not only in commercial terms, but also from a networking point of view.

We believe that our stand was very well positioned and that led to many new visitors stopping by and showing interest in our products. Some of those visitors turned into fruitful discussions about potential collaborations that we look forward to unfolding. Another moment that gained us a lot of attention was receiving the “Landmark Award” for our 25-year history of contribution to the industry. In addition to highlighting our successes, this award was interpreted by potential and long-term partners and customers as a sign pf our solid experience, trustworthiness and reliability.

On a different note, another commercial success we haven’t mentioned is our approved slot cabinets. They have gained a lot of attention from this exhibition. We take pride in being one of the very few manufacturers who refurbish their used machines by upgrading them with new software. After all those updates, they are in perfect condition to be back on the gaming floor. Having this option up in our sleeve helps us with new customers as it reduces the initial investment until the client tests our product.

What aspect can you highlight about the changes and the future of the industry? How is the company preparing for it?

One of the aspects that gather a lot of attention is the rapid advancement of technology and its impact on gaming experiences. With the rise of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI), the landscape of the gaming industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. It seems that the players are demanding more personalized experiences, and companies need to adapt to meet these evolving expectations.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of responsible gaming practices and are committed to promoting a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for all players. We're in an active collaboration with AGIB (Association of Bulgarian Gaming Industry), supporting their initiatives to prevent problem gambling, educate players about responsible gaming habits, and provide support for those who may need assistance.

Overall, our company is embracing the changes and challenges of the industry with a proactive approach. By staying agile, innovative, and customer-centric, we're confident in our ability to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry.

When talking about new trends Do you use artificial intelligence for your products, services or user experience?

Although we aim to align our practices and products with the newest trends, we have not yet used artificial intelligence. Despite the many advantages this technological approach grants, our team depends on classic and tested methods in developing and maintaining our products, services and customer experience. 

In response to these changes, our company is actively investing in research and development to stay at the forefront of innovation. We're exploring new technologies and trying to find ways to incorporate them into our products to enhance gameplay, improve user engagement, and provide a more customized experience for players.

What aspects can you highlight from the last edition in London? And how are you preparing for Barcelona 2025?

This last edition of ICE in London was one to remember. Aligning with our 25th anniversary, it truly meant a lot to us. We have been participating at the expo for over 20 years and saying goodbye to London on our jubilee feels like closing a chapter, but we are ready for what is yet to come.

Our take on the highlights is that we were able to open doors to new collaborations, we reconnected with colleagues and professionals from the industry, as well as being able to showcase our best and newest products to the global scene, that is ICE.

We are happy to say goodbye to London on such a positive note! Receiving the award for overall contribution in the last 25 years has been just part of the successes we accomplished for this year’s edition of the expo. We are grateful for all the opportunities that ICE has given us over the years, and we look forward to the next chapter in Barcelona.

The preparation for next year is already in process. We are working on new projects, which we can’t wait to share. Not to give out everything, but we are developing new jackpot concepts and new multigame packs. Alongside this, we are working on implementing improvements to the current products that will optimize their use and it will increase the quality we offer to our partners and clients.



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