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Influencers: "Between Effectiveness and Responsibility in the Gaming Industry".

Wednesday 27 de March 2024 / 12:00

2 minutos de lectura

(Rio de Janeiro, SoloAzar Exclusive) - As part of the Conference "Influencers: The Next Frontier of Social Media Marketing", as part of the Conference Agenda held on 6 and 7 March at the SBC Summit Rio 2024, leading industry personalities gathered in a panel to discuss the impact of the power of celebrities and influencers in generating engagement, as well as the proposed law that seeks to restrict their promotion of gambling.

Influencers: "Between Effectiveness and Responsibility in the Gaming Industry".

Brazilian operators increasingly recognise the power of celebrity and influencer marketing, with its compelling ability to cultivate engagement and build communities overnight, but ethical concerns are growing.

Now that a bill has been introduced to ban digital influencers from promoting gambling, is proper regulation needed?

This panel aims to understand the world of influencer marketing, from its strengths to its weaknesses. To explore best practices for operators while ensuring the protection of their vulnerable young players.

The panellists were:

Renan Philip: CEO at 3C Games

Luiz Felippe Correia de Almeida: CEO at Smart Social Brazil

Luis Gonçalves: National Manager Brazil Rivalry

Alessandro Valente: Co-Founder, Super Afiliados

Moderator: Leonardo Benites: COO at Propane

Leandro Benites, COO at Propane, was the moderator, and addressed the issue, starting the debate with the following question: How do you see the effectiveness of influencers? What are the KPIs of your POT when you hire someone?

Luiz "Chico" Felippe opened the debate, and to answer the question, he highlighted the fact that smaller influencers often have higher conversion rates than larger ones, and stressed the importance of working closely with influencers to maximise results within a very competitive market: "It's about understanding what the audience really wants, from the operator and from the influencer's point of view. So it's about being able to identify the influencers as they are; to work in tandem with them, to understand their needs, how to talk to their audience, how they talk to their audience." He added: "It's also about innovation. We are in a very competitive market. Innovation is everything in terms of content creation."

The conversation also addressed the need to look beyond the short term in influencer marketing strategies. The importance of establishing long-term relationships with influencers and developing your own projects rather than relying solely on individual publications was highlighted.

Alessandro, recognised as an industry titan, shared his perspective on the current influencer marketing landscape in Brazil. He emphasised the importance of adopting a more sophisticated and performance-focused strategy, although he acknowledged that many companies are still stuck in more traditional approaches.

He highlighted that smaller influencers often have higher conversion rates than larger ones, underlining the importance of understanding audience needs and working closely with influencers to maximise results. However, he clarified that it's not all about conversion: "You can test if people are going to click on the link, if they have views, but not necessarily a conversion. So, the agency's job is to analyse those who are relevant so that the brand can choose who to work with in the long term".

As for the last question addressed specifically to Renan Philip about which is the best investment platform for influencer marketing, Renan sees YouTube as a top choice, especially given its ability to produce high quality content and its certification compared to other platforms such as Twitch.

In summary, the panel highlighted the need to find a balance between effectiveness and accountability in influencer marketing in the Brazilian gaming industry, recognising that it is still a very immature market, while highlighting the importance of adopting more sophisticated and long-term strategies to maximise results.


Tags: SBC Summit Rio,

País: Brazil

Región: South America



09 de April 2024

Successful presentation of R. Franco and R. Franco Digital on the 25th anniversary of GAT Expo Colombia

(Madrid).- R. Franco and R. Franco Digital once again aroused great interest among operators at GAT Expo Colombia with their latest developments and products fully adapted to the Latin American market.

Friday 19 Apr 2024 / 12:00

The challenge of promoting gender equality within the sector, a topic of debate at GAT

(Cartagena, SoloAzar Exclusive).- “Women promoting the industry as a challenge,” was the topic of a panel organized by ASFEG, the Women's Gaming Association, at the recent GAT EXPO 2024. Speakers talked about female participation in the gaming industry, analyzed the current scenario and shared inspiring message for women in order to achieve gender equality.

Friday 19 Apr 2024 / 12:00

Fast Track pushes innovation and customisation in the iGaming industry at GAT Expo 2024

(Cartagena de Indias, Exclusive SoloAzar) - At GAT Expo Cartagena 2024, Fast Track stood out with its innovative CRM solutions designed specifically for the iGaming industry. Muriel Le Senechal, Solutions Consultant at Fast Track spoke about her good experience at the show, the exceptional feedback at Fast Track's booth, which impressed visitors with its real-time data integration and AI and finally reflected on GAT's 25th anniversary as an evolution in the Latin American gaming industry.

Thursday 18 Apr 2024 / 12:00


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