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Rubén Solórzano: “Peru Gaming Show is a benchmark within the industry to find the new and the creative”

Wednesday 24 de April 2024 / 12:00

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(Lima).- Rubén Solórzano, General Managing Director of Peru Gaming Show (PGS), leads with passion and vision an event that has become a benchmark in the gaming industry. With more than 70 brands confirmed for the 2024 edition and an expansion of the exhibition space to almost 8 thousand square meters, PGS demonstrates its growth and relevance in the sector.

Rubén Solórzano: “Peru Gaming Show is a benchmark within the industry to find the new and the creative”

PGS is one of the most anticipated fairs in the industry in Latin America with more than 20 editions. Can you tell us a little about the progress and expectations for this new 2024 edition?

The PGS team has done an extraordinary job since the end of PGS 2023, the call from the most important and representative brands in the industry has had an almost immediate response. The exhibitors of physical games were the first to confirm their participation, many of them asked to maintain the same spaces they occupied in the edition that had just ended. The second group of exhibitors fighting for a space at PGS 2024 were those from remote gaming, sports betting and online gaming, excited because the regulation of the Law was approved and put at the service of the market. At this time, the main floor for the PGS 2024 expo, June 12 and 13, the most anticipated fair in Latam, is completely full. The organizers have decided to expand the area of the land.

Could you tell us a little about the trajectory and evolution of PGS in these more than 2 decades of promoting the gaming industry?

We are just shy of 21 years of uninterrupted history, PERU GAMING SHOW – PGS was created to be part of the sector and contribute to its development and growth. The gaming industry is a sector that, like any other activity, plays an important role in the economic life of the country. This is so, because with the payment of taxes, a source of income for the State, it contributes to other sectors that require income and financing such as Tourism, the Peruvian Institute of Sports, Central Government and Health. After almost twelve years with new management, PGS has managed to position itself as the most important gaming fair in the region.

With the entry into force of the law that regulates the exploitation of remote gaming and sports betting in Peru, can you give us your opinion on how this will benefit the national economy?

In times of pandemic, incredibly, remote games had such a dynamic that kept them current, they never stopped unlike physical games that were closed until the end of the health crisis. The post-pandemic results were truly extraordinary and did not stop anymore, the growth observed is exponential. In this context, Peru could not be an island in the face of this development, especially when, after having a law since 2022, in December 2023 the regulation for remote sports betting and online games is enacted. It is clear that the greater the growth of the activity, there will be greater income and more collection for the State, which in turn will replicate the sectors to which it assigns resources for social good. Likewise, the Peruvian market will be favored because new actors enter the market with a desire to invest in new companies, and by multiplier effect, new collateral businesses will be created around the industry, making new jobs possible.

What challenges and opportunities do you see for companies in this new regulatory framework?

In a globalized world like the one we live in, competition is part of the conglomerate where everyone looks for the best opportunities to obtain and meet projected objectives and goals. In Peru, after the gaming market is absolutely regulated in all business lines or verticals, these opportunities that a mature market offers appear. The regulation allows there to be confidence in large companies and corporations to invest with the security that in the country there are clear rules, supervision and protection for the player.

As an economist, how do you project the country's economy in terms of future investments?

Peru really has an extraordinary performance, we have had six presidents in six years, there have been political crises that for many would have meant economic bankruptcy, however, the Peruvian economy resists all these attacks and remains one of the most stable in the country. the region, not to mention the world. Stable exchange rate, with ups and downs yes but that do not imply drama, inflation that is already within the target range of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru BCR, 3%; The projections estimate that, with all the political labyrinth, there will be a growth close to 3% by the end of 2024. Mining investments, the main support of the GDP, which had decreased, are rebounding again, the agribusiness has been breaking records in exports such as blueberries, grapes for the table, avocado, mango, paprika, cochineal, among others, the gastronomy is the best in the world, tourism is a global benchmark. If Peru had only half of the current political disaster, it would surely be the strongest economy on the continent, as it was in the years 2010 - 2019, whose average growth was almost 5% annually. It is difficult to project what could happen in Peru between now and 2026, due to the political environment that exists, but what is certain is that the economy is regaining strength and there are institutions that still support it. The gaming sector is one of the most stable and formal.

What role do events like PGS play in this new economic landscape?
PERU GAMING SHOW – PGS is a reference within the sector and the industry, it plays an important role, it does not act coldly within the activity, it has clear objectives to make the fair event a determining element to perceive and find the new, the creative, the translucent in slot machines, gaming platforms, software and all types of cutting-edge developments. All this in the exhibition carried out by the brands and companies that participate in the exhibition within the fairgrounds, all of them, extraordinarily positioned in the world. Those who participate in the PGS exhibition know that it is the most global and most attended showcase in the industry. Furthermore, PGS strives to leave an academic legacy for all, it does not profess with commercialism, knowledge is for all and should have that flavor of freedom to teach and learn.

Calling on the most important companies in the industry to coordinate with national and foreign operators is a way to enable potential business internally. As a consequence, there is greater global income, tax collection and employment.

It was reported that they had to expand the exhibition hall floor due to high demand from exhibitors. To date, how many brands have confirmed their space?

The main floor of the fairgrounds was filled months ago, there are still many requests, we have scheduled meetings with clients in Peru and abroad, all this suggests that the current space is too small and we must expand the space to almost 8 thousand m2. We currently have more than 70 confirmed brands.

What points is the organization outlining for PGS 2025?

Based on what is happening in the global market, it is most likely that in 2025 remote gaming exhibitors will have a greater role. However, the always inventive nature of physical games makes it valid and dynamic in the industry. Finally, both lines of business are complementary and not competition. PGS plans to make academic presentations next year, which it will announce in due course.

Furthermore, I am very pleased with the results and achievements of PGS in these years of activity; having a team with a lot of identification and desire to offer the best has been decisive. We will continue with the same mystique in the sector, its growing evolution with high-level business and professional actors.

Perú Gaming Show, Lima will be held in Peru, June 12 and 13. Register in


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PGS, Perú Gaming Show 2024

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