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The impact of AI on marketing campaigns, a featured topic at PGS 2024 conferences

Tuesday 18 de June 2024 / 12:00

2 minutos de lectura

(Lima, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Rony Vexelman, Marketing Manager of Optimove, presented the conference “Maximizing AI, the evolution of roles in iGaming”, within PGS event, held last week in Peru. From SoloAzar we share the highlights of the talk that shows how AI impacts online gaming and sports betting marketing campaigns.

The impact of AI on marketing campaigns, a featured topic at PGS 2024 conferences

Rony Vexelman is Marketing Manager at Optimove, a company that provides CRM marketing solutions for iGaming and sports betting. He began his presentation by saying that, according to a 2024 Gartner survey, executives believe the potential of AI over the next 12 to 18 months will improve their businesses by 27%, improve their savings by 20%, and increase their revenue by 19%.

Why are executives so confident that AI will positively impact their companies?
Vexelman explained the topic using basketball as an example: There are 5 players, each with a defined role and a base that organizes the game. But in the last 7 years that changed and it became a positionless game, focused on versatility and speed, reducing the importance of traditional roles.

Why change? Because of statistics and the obsession with efficiency, which improves the expected result. Vexelman then gave some examples of current players who are NBA stars, such as Lebron James, considered the best player of all time.
His approach is: “From the evolution of basketball, we can learn and apply that versatility and adaptability are key factors for success in this market. And AI will allow us to be more adaptable.”

The main trends in technology:
-Generative AI
-GPT Chat adoption

What will AI do to marketing or companies in the sector?
"Our prediction is that the same thing will happen as in the NBA: The marketer without position means that instead of being specialists in one topic, we will be broader, and the same will happen in any other profession."

Why is it a positive thing?
“It will no longer be like a factory. Work will be more agile. There will be smaller teams, better understanding between teams, and multipotentiality will be unlocked.”

Rony presented some examples:

1) Discovering segments with AI: Find your best next segment, increase productivity, accelerate your revenue growth. (For example, for Copa América).

2) Creating player experiences with AI. Each marketing campaign is part of a larger calendar, with multiple types of campaigns. Experience orchestration decisions are typically made by hand. However, it is unsustainable on a large scale. With AI, one can make thousands of personalized decisions. For example, imagining the activity of a player, we start sending them campaigns. But as marketers we cannot send many campaigns together so that they do not leave. We can have a conflict when two campaigns come together on the same day. In the first week, without having much information, the AI ​​will randomly decide what to send between several conflicting campaigns. In the second week, you will begin to decide based on results. After a while, each player will have their own personalized and dynamic experience based on each customer across all campaigns.

3) Optimizing A/B testing with AI
AI can improve interaction through the product or message.

A/B Testing is great until something changes. With AI we can make those changes dynamically. For example, we have 3 options for a sport (whether offers, channels, etc.). How do we decide what to send to each player? The truth is that there is no better option. Each client will prefer something different. Then we can use AI to gain that efficiency at a very personalized level, and since it is something dynamic, AI allows it to change.

4) Analyzing results with Generative AI
First, compare manual analysis of a campaign in a system. With AI, one can ask the AI ​​chatbot to do analysis for the campaign over time. Something that previously took days or weeks can now be accomplished in seconds. You can be asked, for example, which campaigns generated the most revenue in the last month, or you can be asked to generate a graph for VIPs for all campaigns in the last month, among other things.

That is, one can have an interaction with AI in a way that improves the entire marketing cycle.


“The future of the industry needs platforms that maximize multipotentiality, that invite people to be multipotential, and that allow us to do more with what we have.

Final message

“The future has no fixed positions. It’s time to become the Lebron James of your position using AI.”


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