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“This year we have presented more novelties than any other year before”

Friday 09 de November 2018 / 12:52

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(Las Vegas, SoloAzar Exclusive)- Johnny Ortiz Viveiros, founder of Zitro, spoke exclusively with SoloAzar after the presentation of the company in the latest edition of G2E. “This year has been an exceptional year in terms of new product launches as we have presented more novelties than any other year before”, he said.

“This year we have presented more novelties than any other year before”

What novelties did you bring to G2E?

This year has been an exceptional year in terms of new product launches as we have presented more novelties than any other year before.

Among the Bryke Video Slots games, the stand-outs were the Multigame LAP range with panoramic sign, with the proven LINK KING star bank together with the new LINK ME bank, which is presented with new features and an extremely attractive theme. Link King, a multigame progressive bank, has turned out to be a real game changer and is succeeding in all casinos where it has been installed, doubling and even tripling the house average worldwide.

Zitro also presented its new Multigame LAP Hit me Up! next to the already popular LAP Blazing Pearls and Guns & Gold. In the range of standalone multi-game machines Zitro presented Smart Spins, which combines 4x5 and 3x5 games, as well as Spin Hit, a multi-game with new aesthetic games that complements the range of the proven Pick & Win and Hot Deal games. The vast product range of Bryke has been designed to target the various types of player in the global market.

The range of video bingo games that Zitro leads was represented at the stand by the new games created by the company for its Fusion platform, as well as by Power Bingo Link, the first bank of the new LAP Video Bingo product category that has conceived by Zitro.

Last but not least, Zitro Interactive has presented for the first time it’s Bryke Online games that adds to the broad library of Video Bingo games adapted especially for desktop, tables and mobile devices providing the operators the possibility to offer their most popular games also in the online world.

What is your assessment on the presentation of the company in this edition of G2E?

While last year at G2E we were, and still are, the world leader in Video Bingo we also presented our first range of Bryke video slots to the industry. This year we arrived in Las Vegas with thousands of machines of both products lines installed and demonstrating their superior performance in multiple Casinos all over Europe, Latin America, Mexico and Asia. Today the operators see our video slots Bryke as an essential, just as how they see our world leading Video bingo product, when they are deciding on the range of games for their establishments.

Aware of our growing market share, we have presented in G2E not only the games that are triumphing around the world, such as Link King, but a wide range of new products. With them we intend to cover the double objective of offering players a diverse range, targeting the various type of players, and protecting the investment that operators make in our machines, as we offer them a growing library of games that will ensure their profitability.

Overall I could not be happier as to how the presentation went this year and I am extremely proud of the reaction and kind words of all the visitors that came to our booth and where visibly deeply impressed. I am very aware however that the success we are living at Zitro is only possible thanks to the incredible group of people that are part of this project.

What does G2E mean for the company?

G2E is one of the most important industry events worldwide, and for us of course it’s not less. At this event all major operators and key players of the industry find their way together, and for us it means a huge opportunity to show to the industry where we are right now, and where we are going, as well as creating and confirming concrete business transactions. However, in addition to showing our full product potential at the show, we also like to entertain our customers, most of which have travelled far and long to come to see us, by offering also an evening event with the already known Great Pack Party, a yearly event that has turned after its second edition already into ‘the party to be’ on Tuesdays night during G2E.

What plans does the company have for the remainder of this year?

Our plans are very ambitious during the whole year and they are no less for what is left. Having closed a huge number of opportunities in Las Vegas just couple of weeks ago, we are now very busy in making sure that we will keep up with our commitments. In parallel we are working also on new opportunities.

In which markets does the company develop?

Zitro has a very strong present in Mexico, Latin America and Europe, and an important share in Asia, specifically in the Philippines, however there are still plenty of growing opportunities in all these regions which we are currently exploring.

Especially with our new additions in the Bryke Video Slot product line, we have been able to open many new markets, having placed by now Bryke machines in the venues of all the major operators but where we also still want to develop our business much further. As mentioned earlier, our expansion plans are very ambitious and the growing potential for Zitro is still enormous.

What are the next shows for the company?

At the moment we are preparing our presence at BEGE in Sofia at the end of November where we will present to the Bulgarian operators our most successful products, including the worldwide sensation Link King,  followed by ICE in London as well as Madrid and Colombia next year to name just the closest ones. Our growing plans have to be supported by the appropriate marketing effort, thus Zitro will again be present at all the major industry events during 2019.

Do you think that online games are complementary or competition of land based games?

At Zitro we have the firm believe that online games are complementary to the land based offering as the player’s experience is completely different, but also the player target can be very different. Zitro Interactive offers the best of Zitro’s land based library to online operators so that they can provide the experience to their local players also outside the casino, but in addition aim to target customers that live far away, or that are not the kind of players that would want to play land based as they seek for different emotions. This last player target can potentially be millions of users, that will probably spend much less than land based players, but in its total can turn into an important incoming stream for operators.

At Zitro, however, we also firmly believe that we, as a supplier, should not compete with our customers, thus we offer our online games to players only as a freemium version through our social Casino World of Bingo, but leave it to our customers to offer our games in the real money environment. Talking about social Casino, in the upcoming trade show in London we will be presenting a complete newly designed free to play social Casino, I am very exciting to show this project as I am convinced that it will be a huge success just as our land based products. Make sure you stop by our booth in London to see it!

Millennials are the players of the present and the future, how does the company adapt to them?

Research and development is a core activity at Zitro to be able to constantly innovate and create products and solutions that can compete in the market. Knowing the current and future player’s preference and desires is fundamental to that. There is always big talk about millennials, however the truth is that if you want to succeed you have to take into account all generations that are, or can be, part of your target. For Zitro this means that obviously we have to take into account the preferences of the millennials, however also of the previous generations and of course, with the eyes set on Generation Z, the one following the millennials, as they will very soon be part of the target as well. Having said that, and as I mentioned in the beginning, our vast range of products is designed to cover the various player types, being millennials a part of that.


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