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Juan Pablo Farcuh explains to us why Mercado Gaming continues to be at the forefront in Argentina

Wednesday 03 de April 2024 / 12:00

2 minutos de lectura

(Buenos Aires, Soloazar Exclusive)Soloazar interviewed exclusively Juan Pablo Farcuh Commercial Manager of Mercado Gaming after his participation in SAGSE. Farcuh gives us details not only about the company's time at the event but also about the strategies they implemented to adapt to the dynamic Argentine market, in which technology is constantly updated. Regarding this topic, he tells us how the company's great novelty was generated: the UBA Pro validator that replaces the now legendary UBA 10

Juan Pablo Farcuh explains to us why Mercado Gaming continues to be at the forefront in Argentina

What motivated you to participate in SAGSE this year and what do you hope to achieve with your presence at the fair?

 “Like every year, since we are JCM Global distributors for Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, we participate in the editions of SAGSE Argentina, since we understand it is a privileged place to be in contact and available to all our clients who visit the event. It also allows us to bring the latest news from the JCM Global brand to interested parties and visitors and to transmit its values ​​and the importance of long-term relationships and friendships forged over the years of management of our team, more than 20 years. working in the Gaming sector”

Then, we talked about the UBA Pro validator, a product that they have launched as a novelty on the market, about which Juan Pablo explained that “the new UBA Pro validator is a cutting-edge product, with the most advanced technology, which due to the characteristics of our banknotes, makes the new equipment more efficient in validation and saving speed. It is also the natural replacement of the already legendary UBA10, a team on the market with more than 15 years in the rooms, and is still in force today. We say it is the natural replacement because shares frame, nozzle and cable this means that we can only change the head quickly and continue operating. This speaks of the commitment that JCM Global has with customers and operators in delivering high-quality products that have a long useful life, making their investment profitable.”

Another point that we thought was important to address is the trends that Mercado Gaming is observing in terms of market demand in the region and how they are responding to them. In this sense, Farcuh explained that “The market is dynamic, and not recognizing it would be our first mistake. Speaking with our clients, they tell us about the problems in Argentina regarding the recurring issuance of new tickets. This means that the equipment needs permanent updates. For this purpose, JCM together with MG have a commitment to scanning banknotes to update the validation systems. Clients seek to add payment alternatives such as cashless to cash validation and see how they can integrate this technology into the operation, always knowing that the high acceptance rate, greater than 95% of cash, is the core of their business. MG is committed to accompanying its clients, operators and manufacturers in the development and updating of their equipment.

He also left us with an important reflection on the gaming industry today: “We see that the business is changing, and we will adapt to the changes, since as I told you, the market is dynamic, and today companies must adapt to the same to continue generating value and being commercially successful, Mercado Gaming is attentive to this, and always maintaining JCM as the banner of our business.”

Finally, the obligatory question: What other upcoming events do you plan to participate in?

Mercado Gaming today has a contract with JCM Global where we have presence and markets in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, so directly and with a stand we will only be in Argentina. Also, like every year we participate in G2E and we are present and working together with JCM in their Booth serving Spanish-speaking clients.


Tags: SAGSE, JCM Global, Mercado Gaming,

País: Argentina

Región: South America



09 de April 2024

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