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The Ultimate Guide on How to Live Stream Sports Events, by Feedconstruct

Wednesday 25 de January 2023 / 12:00

2 minutos de lectura

(Armenia).- Live sports streaming through the internet is considered a relatively new type of broadcasting compared to television and radio broadcasts. This Guide was written by FeedConstruct, a top provider of sports data for global sporting events. The company brings initial and innovative data feed solutions that cover pre-match, live, and post-match data.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Live Stream Sports Events, by Feedconstruct

Live sports streaming through the internet is considered a relatively new type of broadcasting compared to television and radio broadcasts. In recent years, numerous sporting organisations have begun streaming live sports online, as for most people, big matches make sense only in case of watching them in a live format.

This article is the ultimate guide on how to live-stream sports events.

How to Live Stream Sporting Events: The Basic

 Let’s take a look at how to live stream sporting events step by step. Even if you have not done it earlier, it won’t be challenging.

Plan it!

This is one of the essential steps, as it helps to determine key goals and targets, such as who you want to reach with your sports broadcasts, what methods you will use to attract your viewers or what devices will have access to the stream (television, phone etc.)

Get equipped!

Premium streaming equipment is necessary to provide a high-quality live stream. Those may include stable internet, multiple cameras, a microphone, a PC, and any necessary accessories to support the process.

Select a video hosting platform!

Your chosen platform “spreads’’ your content to a delivery network and reaches the viewers as quickly and effectively as possible.

OTT streaming services can greatly help your viewers with the highest flexibility and personalised video streaming. These services are for rights-holders, federations, and media providers aimed at delivering sporting content in HD.

Promote and monetize your live sports broadcast!

After putting so much effort into the live-streaming process, the next important step is informing your audience about the future live event. There are many promoting methods, such as social media marketing, which work perfectly in case of a significant event with a big audience.

Execute test runs!

Testing all settings before getting started is a necessary process, and it will allow you to fix any breakdown in advance and provide your viewers with an uninterrupted experience.

Stream it!

After completing these steps, all that's left to do is steam your event, which mainly takes one click.

FeedConstruct Friendship Streaming Platform

The Friendship platform is a digital bridge between those who own sports video content and those who seek sports events live stream.

Live sports video streaming platform connects video providers with video buyers by providing a cutting-edge marketplace, fast and reliable delivery channels, and transparent tracking mechanisms.

Both right holders and content providers can benefit from the platform.

Sports federations, leagues and clubs can upload their video content to the platform, set their own prices, maximise their market reach and monetise their content through the 300+ partners.

As for betting operators, media companies and OTT platforms, Friendship platform offers a large selection of exclusive and diverse live events around-the-clock, ensuring full coverage even during off-peak hours.

One of the most significant benefits of the platform is the exclusive live streams. FeedConstruct's worldwide network makes many leagues and events available exclusively to its partners.

Due to the wide range of sports streams available 24/7, the platform ensures its customers get around-the-clock engagement.

The modern API ensures that the integration process is quick, easy and smooth. The platform also provides extensive API documentation and technical support.

Moreover, various sports types and a big marketplace with many potential buyers make the platform even more beneficial.

Why Add Live Sports Streaming in a Sportsbook?

Let’s dig deeper into the importance and advantages of adding live sports video streaming in a sportsbook.

In-game betting availability suggested by live streaming is probably one of the most substantial benefits. Due to this, the bettors can place bets on the next goal, point, or other crucial match events, which permits the operators to expand the usage of diverse betting markets. 

The big audience which prefers live streaming rather than other solutions is another advantage. 

Live video streaming increases the number of your customers, thus boosting your business and giving you a privilege over the ones who don’t deliver live sports coverage.

Besides, live sports streaming transforms the betting process into a simple and suitable one, hence widening the possibilities it carries. 

As the sports business is continuously evolving, keeping up with the most recent changes in the field is the shortest way to success. Thus, the reasons for adding live sports streaming to your sportsbook are considerable. 

Promote Your Live Stream and Engage with Your Audience

It’s vital to remember that live streaming itself can’t bring tremendous benefits. To make good use of it, content creators must promote their live streams and engage with their audience. Let’s have a look at some ways to reach it.

Make announcements about your content.

If you are going to broadcast sports events, you will have to spread the info about your live broadcast on various platforms before going live, which will bring you a number of views. Start it at least two weeks before the event and use as many social media channels as possible.

Moreover, make sure you guide your audience and answer all their questions.

Turn your stream into a brand.

Branding the live stream is one of the best ways to make them recognised and awaited. That might include making banners, logos or even paid advertisements for your videos.

Engage with your audience.

It would be best if you promoted your viewer’s interaction by actively engaging them, and this can be reached by responding to their queries. You can also add your website or landing page to engage the audience with your brand.


This article has answered several important questions related to live sports streaming, like how to stream sporting events. It also represented the key phases of streaming sports events and the importance of including them in your sportsbook. Live sports are on the way up these days, and this is high time to get involved. There are many streaming solutions, such as the Friendship platform, to satisfy the demands of all types of broadcasters.


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