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The success on online casino marketing

Monday 17 May 2021 / 03:20

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(London).- In recent years, attracting customers and doing business has become a very demanding activity, specially because in requires new strategies and it is necessary to take advantage of all the tools available. Digitization has taken a key role when establishing marketing strategies, and the online casino industry is one of the activities that best shows this development.

The success on online casino marketing

After all, it is an industry that has grown a lot in value. According to a study by the Statista portal, the online casino and gambling industry had a market value of 226.81 billion dollars, which although it represented a decrease compared to 2019 (261.79 billion dollars), It was largely due to the pandemic. Even the predictions at the end of 2021 point to a figure similar to 266.66 billion dollars, higher than 2019 and 2020.

What the online gambling sector does is worth highlighting, because although it makes significant investments in advertising and promotion, it also works within the legal restrictions that exist in the countries.

In the first instance, online casinos have teamed up with many of the best providers on the market, in order to provide the largest amount of games and the best quality, so it is not surprising that we see a huge variety of slot machines, as well as many versions of different games, such as roulette and its different versions: American, French, European, among others.

Many operators have focused on marketing their service efficiently, but also responsibly, to the point that their strategies are natural and compelling, always inviting users to have fun in a responsible way.

One of the best ways to attract players can be found through their promotions. These offers help make the gaming experience much better, as they offer some stimulus or benefit that can be used to play: the welcome bonuses, whether for the first deposit or for registration, help the player in their start in the online casino , but they also serve the operator to compete in the market and give a first look at their service.

Among the welcome bonuses we can find the free spin, which consists in receiving free spins for slots. To obtain them, the player just has to register on the platform or make a deposit, which will be rewarded.
We can also find no deposit sign up bonuses, which bring a certain amount of unprofitable money, which you can use to try the games, just by creating an account. Of course, welcome bonuses are the most famous due to your first deposit, which multiply your initial income. Many online casinos count with this option, which attracts many players.

The alliance with other brands can also be fundamental to attract more gamblers. That's why we can see slots inspired on film franchises and in videogames, which the main aim to attract young adults. That's why we see slots with slots themes based on Marvel Comics superheroes or Mario Bros franchise, from Nintendo.

In fact, with regard to the gaming world, we can talk about Atari, one of the most well-known videogame companies, has joined Decentral Games, a crypto-casino brand, to launch Atari Casino, a platform that enters in the online casino industry which operates through crypto-currencies and counts with games inspired on some of its products, such as Pac-Man or Asteroids.

Online casinos also apply affiliation networks as a strong marketing strategy, because they just pay for real customers, beyond the benefits granted by traditional advertising, in which a smaller percentage becomes a customer.

Affiliation networks use techniques targeted to people that is really interested in their service, betting directly with the SEO to attract real customers and send them to their online casino.

Membership clubs are also useful for strenghtening the relationship between the player and the online casino. A great part o those memberships help improve user attention, which the aim to convert him into a frequent customer in the medium and long-term.

This type of strategies, on top of bringing benefits and exclusive promotions to members with more time inside the platform, generate a feeling of satisfaction and teach them that time and money invested is well rewarded. There are also operators which, on top of receiving specialized attention and access to exclusive promotions, are also invited to VIP events or exclusive póker tournaments which give them the chance to win traditional prizes, such as cars, electronic devices and trips.

We can also mention online casinos which bring rewards through a point system, because, the more users play, the more points they will add on their account and can then be redeemed for a series of benefits.

Adaptation to all screens can also be added, because not often they will play via a computer screen or laptop. Those online casinos whose platform cannot be played via a cell phone or tablet, take the risk that the gambler decides to leave with the competence.

Casinos know about the importance of mobile devices, so the best websites have become responsive, it means that their interface has been designed in a way that it adapts to any device, and its operation is as efficient as a computer. The development of an app also helps, because they are specifically designed for mobile devices and help improve operation.

No doubt, online casinos are a great example of online marketing strategies, because this type of practise help the player to feel better with the service and bet on them to have fun and try to win some money in the process.

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